Important Days in March 2024: Check the Complete List here!

There are many important dates in March 2024, such as Pi Day, World TB Day, the International Day of Women, World Sparrow Day, and No Smoking Day. These days, recognition and emphasis are raised on significant topics. In the hemisphere’s northern region, March marks the start of spring and the start of something new.

Important Days in March 2024

Every month has significant days and occasions, some of which are commemorated with a specific emphasis. Certain events honor past sacrifices while also raising consciousness. Mars, the Roman god of war, is honored in March, the initial month in the Roman calendar. 

On March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day, a time to recognize the accomplishments and advancements of women across the globe and to increase the public’s understanding of women’s rights and equality between men and women.

March 2024 Days List

Check the complete list of important dates from below.

March 1:

  • Zero Discrimination Day: Every year on March 1st, the world observes Zero Discrimination Day intending to promote dignity in all facets of life, irrespective of age, gender, complexion color, or any other characteristic.
  • World Day of Civil Defense: The International Civil Defence Organization created World Civil Defence Day in 1990 to commemorate the work that civil protection services do to avert disasters.
  • Recognition of Self-Injury Day: Worldwide, people commemorate it on March 1. The day is celebrated to debunk the stigma associated with self-harm and to raise awareness of the warning signals among parents, relatives, teachers, and medical professionals.

March 3:

  • World Wildlife Day: This day, which falls on March 3rd worldwide, is directly related to Sustainable Development Goal 12, “Life without water,” which emphasizes the issues and puts a spotlight on marine life. 
  • World Hearing Day: Every year on March 3rd, the world observes World Hearing Day to encourage hearing and increase awareness of deafness prevention worldwide.

Important Days in March 2024

March 4:

  • National Safety Day: The National Safety Council of India observes National Safety Day on March 4th. This day is commemorated to help individuals become safe from a variety of challenges, such as health troubles and financial loss.

March 8:

  • International Day of Women: Every year on March 8, people around the world mark this day to honor the accomplishments of women. The Women’s Political and Social Union in the UK founded the Women’s Equality Movement in 1908, and the amalgamation of the colors purple, green, and white is meant to represent this. 
  • Mahashivratri: One of the most significant and fortunate Hindu holidays is Maha Shivratri. Honoring Lord Shiva and his sacred nuptials to Goddess Parvati, the event takes place annually. Together with each other, Shiva and Shakti stand for strength, love, and oneness; their union occurs at night. 

March 10:

  • CISF Raising Day: The Union Ministry of Home Affairs in New Delhi founded the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Raising Day in 1969 with an emphasis on India’s important facilities, airways, and waterways. It is marked on March 10 every year.

March 12:

  • Mauritian Day: Every year on March 12th, Mauritius Day is observed to commemorate two significant anniversaries in the nation’s history: its separation from Great Britain in 1968 and its conversion to a republic in 1992.

March 13:

  • No Smoking Day: Annually on the second Wednesday in March, people worldwide are encouraged to give up smoking by raising awareness of the detrimental health impacts of tobacco use.

March 14:

  • Pi Day: Pi Day is observed worldwide on March 14. A constant in mathematics is represented by the symbol pi. It is the approximately 3.14 ratio between a circle’s diameter and girth.

16 March:

  • Vaccination Day: In India, National Vaccination Day, also known as National Immunization Day (IMD), is marked on March 16 each year. When the oral polio vaccine was administered for the first time on March 16, 1995, it was first noticed. 

March 17:

  • World Sleep Day: Every year on the Friday preceding the Spring Vernal Equinox, there is a World Sleep Day celebration. It is a call to take action on significant sleep-related issues, such as driving, healthcare, schooling, and societal issues. “Sleep is necessary for health” is the tagline. 

March 20:

  • International Day of Happiness: Every year on March 20, people mark International Day of Happiness. This day has been observed by the UN since 2013 to honor the value of enjoyment in the daily lives of people everywhere. 

March 21:

  • World Poetry Day: Every year on March 21st, there is a celebration known as World Poetry Day, which honors poetry’s exceptional capacity to evoke the imaginative faculties of the mind of humanity. It was decided to observe this day on March 21st, 1999, during UNESCO’s 30th session in Paris.

March 25

  • Holi: Observed in India, Nepal, and several other nations, Holi is an old Hindu tradition that heralds the beginning of spring and the victory of good over evil.

31 March

  • Day of the Eiffel Tower: Eiffel Tower Day is celebrated annually on March 31 to commemorate the tower’s opening. This monument’s attractiveness endures 134 years later on this day in 1889.

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