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ICT SKILLS CLASS 10 NOTES 2021-22 | Class 10 IT 402 Unit 3 Basic ICT Skills Notes PDF

ICT SKILLS CLASS 10 NOTES : Information and Communication Technology Skills [ICT Skills] Notes have been given here. These ICT SKILLS CLASS 10 NOTES are made from the official IT 402 book provided by CBSE. Learn these ICT Skills notes to score the best in your term 1 board exam 2021. SCROLL DOWN TO GET THE NOTES PDF




In this session, we’ll learn about computer hardware and software – the two main components of computer. The physical parts that we can see and touch are called the hardware of the computer. Software is the component that makes the hardware work the way we want, we can not physically touch it but it is important. The most important software of a computer system is its operating system.

Then moving forward in this session we will learn about starting a computer and some basic activities like login-logout. The most important part of this unit 3 of IT is – The details about the keys of the computer and mouse.

Session 2 – Performing Basic File Operations.

In this session, we will learn about files and folders and the steps to create files and folders on a computer. This is a bit of a practical part of this unit 3 of IT so, a video explanation would suit this better.

Session 3 – Computer Care and maintenance

Digital devices like computers, laptops, and mobile phones are quite expensive so it is important to take care of them. We will look into details about the ways in which we can take care of our computer system and its various components like keyboard, mouse, display, battery and not only the hardware part of it but also the software.

Session 4 – Computer Security and Privacy

It is very important to keep the computer system secure. Take the example of banks, if any hacker gets the details about the people’s account there may be a huge loss to the people. In this session, we will learn about different threats to the computer like theft, virus, and the ways by which we can protect our computer systems.


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CBSE Class 10 subject computer or Information Technology code 402 is a vocational subject. These notes for Information Technology are based on the latest syllabus provided by CBSE. The latest syllabus has been discussed above. These Class 10 Information Technology Notes PDF are designed for the 2022 board examinations. The Information Technology Notes PDF for CBSE class 10 is free to download. Class 10 IT 402 Notes

Information Technology book PDF for CBSE class 10, based on the latest revised syllabus by CBSE for the 2021 board examinations. Class 10 computer often referred to as IT (Information Technology) of which the subject code is 402.

Along with 5 subjects this subject IT is an optional subject for class 10. CBSE regularly updates the syllabus for these vocational subjects every year. This year there are some major changes in these vocational subjects. Class 10 Information Technology Book

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