How much will it cost to install 7 kilowatt solar panels?

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We mostly use 7kw solar panels in big offices, schools, journal stores etc. Because there we have to run more fans, more lights and apart from this we have to run bigger fridges or appliances like air-conditioners. But if you want to run an air conditioner or room heater in your house, then for that also you will need a solar system of about 6 to 7 kilowatts.

7 kw solar panel can generate about 30 units of electricity in a day, so if you consume electricity for 25 to 30 minutes in a day then only 7 kw solar system will be perfect for you. But you can prepare a 7 kilowatt solar system using a separate inverter.

How much will it cost to install 7 kilowatt solar panels?

You can see three types of solar panels in the market which we can use at home, office, shop, petrol pump etc. The price of these three solar panels is different because their technology is different and their working capacity is also different.

Which are better than polycrystalline solar panels, that is why their price is also slightly higher. Last of all comes Bifacial solar panel, which is the latest technology and the most expensive solar panel.

Types of Solar Panels

  • 7kw Poly Crystalline Solar Panel Price – Rs.2,10,000
  • 7kw Mono PERC half cut Solar Panel Price – Rs.245,000
  • 7kw Bifacial Solar Panel Price – Rs.2,80,000

Solar panels of all three technologies are in their right place. Those who have a low budget and want to install 7 kilowatt solar panels at low cost can buy polycrystalline technology solar panels. Anyone who wants to get solar panels of good technology can install solar panels of Mono Perc Half Cut technology. If you have a good budget and want to buy solar panels with the most advanced and latest technology, then you can buy bifacial solar panels.

Solar Charge Controller For 7kw Solar Panel

If you want to install 7 kilo watt solar panels on your old inverter battery, you will need a solar charge controller. With the help of which you will be able to install 7 kilo watt solar panels on your inverter. But for this you must have an inverter with at least 10 batteries, only then you can install 7 kilowatt panels.

1. Smarten Pwm-120v 50a Savior Solar Charge Controller

With the help of this solar charge controller, you can install up to 8 kilowatt solar panels on an inverter with 10 batteries. The VOC of this solar charge controller is approximately 265v.

Price – Rs.15,000

Product Specification
Model NameSCCC 120V/50A
Battery TypeLA/Tubular/SMF
technologyDigital Processor Based High Efficiency Design
Max. PV Current Rating50AMP.
Max. PV Voltage Rating265V±2V
Max. Panel Install8000Watt
Panel Recommended250W
Recommended Panel Configuration5S-6P
Battery Qty. 12V 100-220AH10
Float Charging Voltage137V±0.2V
Boost Charging Voltage For Tubular And SMF Battery145V±0.2V
Boost Charging Voltage For LA Battery140V±0.2V
Bulk/ Absorption Voltage148V±0.2V
Solar Charge Controller To PV Power Connection Time<15 Sec.
Peak Efficiency>96%
Switching Elementmosfet
SCC TypePWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
DC Load OptionN/A
DC Load CapacityN/A
Reverse PV ProtectionYes Provided
Switching Elementmosfet
Reverse Current Flow to PVYes Provided
High PV VoltageYes Provided
over temperatureYes Provided,If heat
sink temperature
goes above 100°C
system will shut down
Display TypeLCD Display
Display MessagesWelcome, Smarten
Website Address,
System Capacity
SCC Fault/Protection StatusReverse PV/High PV voltage/High Temp.
HV Test Input to EarthLeakage current <5Mamp.
when 1.5KV Applied for 1 Min.
HVTest Output to Earth
IR Test Input to Earth<5MQ between @500V DC
IR Test Output to Earth

Other Expenses

Apart from the solar panel and solar charge controller, there are expenses involved in installing a solar system such as stand for the solar panel, wires to connect the solar panel to the solar charge controller and safety devices such as ACDB, DCDB. So their expenses will be around ₹40000.

Total cost of installing 7 kilowatt solar panel

So above you have been told about solar panels of different technologies, on the same basis their cost will be different, so here the cost of solar charge controller and stand & wire will be the same and the cost of solar panel will be different.

  • If you prepare a 7 kilowatt system by using polycrystalline solar panels, your expenses will be around Rs.2,65,000 lakh.
  • Mono Perc: If you prepare a 7 kilowatt system with solar panels, your expenses will be around Rs.3,00,000.
  • If you prepare a 7 kilowatt system by using solar panels, it will cost you approximately Rs.3,35,000.

Cost of installing 7kw solar system

Now let’s talk about what will be the total cost if you want to install a new 7 kilowatt solar system. For which you will have to buy a new solar inverter, battery and solar panels. If you want to generate 30 units of electricity in just one day, then you can buy a 7.5kva solar inverter.

But if you want to run even a 7kw load, then for this you will have to buy a transformerless 6kva solar inverter. Because inverters are of the latest technology. On which you can run a load of 7 kW and also install panels of 7 kW.

Cost of installing Microtek 7 kilowatt solar system

Luminous Solarverter PRO PCU – 7.5KVA

Luminous Solarverter PRO PCU – 7.5KVA Solar Inverter MPPT type solar inverter which can run load up to 7500Va. The Voc range of this inverter is 480V Vdc, so you can also use 36/60/72 cell solar panels on this inverter.

In this you get a solar charge controller of 50A current rating. You can install solar panels up to 7500w on this inverter. So someone who has a load of up to 7kw can use this inverter. By installing 7500w panels on this inverter, you can prepare a good 7500w solar system.

If this inverter will run on 96v, then 8 batteries will have to be installed on this inverter. The one who does not need much battery backup can install a 100 Ah battery on it, which will give you a lower price. The one who needs longer backup can install a 150 Ah or 200 Ah battery on it.

The output of this inverter is Pure Sine Wave. So that all your appliances will work perfectly. And you get 2 years warranty on this inverter. You can also use this inverter as a normal inverter and later you can install solar panels to make it a solar inverter. .

Price – Rs.85,000

You can prepare your own 7 kilowatt solar system by installing 8 batteries on the inverter. 8 batteries of 150Ah will be available for approximately Rs 1,20,000. And above you have been told the cost of solar panels, so accordingly the cost of installing a 7 kilowatt solar system will be approximately Rs.

Total Cost

Inverter MPPT- Rs.85,000
8 X 150Ah Solar Battery – Rs.1,20,000
7kw Solar Panel – Rs.210000
Total – Rs.4,55,000

Cellchronic Falcon 6G Plus 8kw-48V

You can prepare your own 7 kilowatt solar system by installing 1 lithium battery on the inverter. But the solar panel capacity of this solar inverter is 10 kW, so in future you can make your system a 10 kW solar system by installing solar panels up to 10 kW.

This inverter comes with a VOC of 450v, which means you can also install 10 solar panels on it in series. By connecting this inverter to your phone, you can get all the information about this inverter in your phone. If you want to expand your system in future, you can make your system a 42Kw solar system by connecting a 6Kw solar inverter in parallel.

Price – Rs 1,35,000


  • Pure sine wave output
  • 10000W Wide MPPT (120~450vdc) charge controller.
  • External port to connect WiFi logger for mobile monitoring (Android App is available)
  • Reserved communication port for BMS (RS-485, CAN-BUS or RS232)
  • User-adjustable charging current and voltage.
  • Configurable AC/PV output usage timer and prioritization.
  • Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers.
  • Built-in anti-dust kit.
  • Programmable multiple operation modes.
  • Parallel operation up to 6 units.
  • 1 year warranty.

Total Cost

Inverter MPPT- Rs.135,000
4 X 150Ah Solar Battery – Rs.60000
7kw Solar Panel – Rs.210000
Total – Rs.4,45,000

So now you must have known how much it will cost to install 7 kilowatt solar panels. If you have an old inverter battery, then you can install 7 kilo watt solar panels for just ₹ 2.65 lakh.

If you are thinking of installing a new solar system then you will have to invest ₹ 455000 for it. And if you want to run a load of only 7 kilowatts, then you will have to spend approximately ₹ 445,000.

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