How much will it cost to install 1 kilowatt solar system of UTL?

How much will it cost to install 1 kilowatt solar system of UTL?

UTL company is a very well-known company. And apart from solar products, you get to see many other products of UTL company. In the market but here we just talk. We are going to talk about solar products in today’s POST. Who has to prepare 1 Kw solar system of that company. How much can it cost? And which inverters are there inside the vehicle? Using which you can prepare a system of 1 Kw.

Which inverter is the best solution? You are going to get all this information for 1 kilo watt solar system in this POST. So if we see the POST till the end then let’s talk first. Who definitely has it? For a 1 Kw system, there can be two scenarios. One is the one which has to run a load of 1Kw. Secondly, the one whose daily power consumption is around 4 to 5 units. Because the solar panel is of 1 Kw. Within a day he can generate electricity from five minutes of electricity. So, first of all you should check how many units of daily consumption you need. Choose the solar system accordingly.

UTL Best 1 kw Solar Inverter

Here, we should not choose solar system keeping in mind the load, we should always consider the daily power consumption. Keeping this in mind, we should choose solar system. Considering the load, we should choose solar inverter based on how much load we have to run. So let’s talk about this thing first.

Among solar inverters, which inverter can you buy for a 1 KW system? So my recommendations here mostly remain the same. Of the inverter you are currently buying. It should be such that in future you can upgrade it to 1.5 Kw or 2 Kw system because in such a situation you do not have to change the inverter again and again. You only have to increase solar panels. So that you have a complete system. They keep upgrading you.

1Kw UTL Gamma+

So in such a situation, 1Kw UTL Gamma+ model of UTL company comes. And are very popular models. You can also install 1 Kw panels by installing a battery on top of it. But that system is for them. Those who have to run a load of 500w. And 1 Kw panels are to be installed. Because that is the load capacity of the inverter. That’s around 600w. So you can run this much load and run less if you have 1 Kw panel. And you get that inverter. For around Rs 12000 but if your budget is less.

UTL Heliac 2000

If you want to go towards higher load capacity within Rs 12000 then you have to go for it. Towards their Heliac inverter series, you will find the UTL Heliac 2000 model which is priced at Rs 1500. But those panels can also run more load than the capacity available. And panels can also be installed. But that is a double battery inverter. You have to put two bacteria on it. So if you need more battery backup. Only then you can choose solar inverter. Otherwise, if you want to go with a battery then you will have to buy UTL Gamma+ model.

UTL Gamma 3350+

Talking about my recommendation, here I suggest the UTL Gamma 3350+ model which has been launched recently. And you can get it for around Rs 17 to 18000. These are available online for Rs 21 to 22000. But if we talk about the local market price, you can get it for Rs 17,18,000. It is a double battery inverter. Can run load up to 3 Kva. Who has to prepare a solar system of 2 Kw. This is what inverter is for.

So, these inverters are perfect for those who have to upgrade their system in the future. Now you just buy the inverter, later instead of simply 1 kw, you can install panels up to 2160w on it. And inside this you get a VOC range of 106v. Due to which Bifacial solar panels can be installed. And here you can prepare your own one kw solar system by installing just two panels. So the total depends on you. Which one of these do you choose?

UTL Solar Panel Price

Talking about solar panels, you can get solar panels for around Rs 28 to 30 per watt. You can also buy 1 Kw panels for ₹ 30000.

UTL Solar Battery Price

Apart from this, you incur the cost of battery. If you have taken a single battery inverter. Please note that it will cost you Rs 15000. I have purchased a double battery inverter. So your expenses will be Rs 30000.

Apart from this, there is also the cost of your stand and wiring. It depends. How big a system do you buy? How many wires are required? Or apart from this, what device do you use to do it? But if we consider it roughly then at least ₹ 5000 will be your extra expense.

How much will it cost to install 1 kilowatt solar system of UTL?

So in such a situation, you are going to need a single battery system. They 55 to ₹60000 Will fall in the middle. And that’s where you go. As for double battery Heliac series inverters, here Rs 15000 is the cost of your 1 extra battery. Add that i.e. approximately ₹80000 You can buy solar system.

But if your budget is ₹ 80000. So there I will suggest you UTL 3350 model which comes at Rs 17,18000. The remaining expenses are relief from your expenses. All the battery stand wires of the panel remain the same. One has to invest Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000 extra just for the inverter. So that your system. It becomes future proof. And in future you can make it a system up to 2 kW also.

There is hope. You must have known how much it will cost to prepare a 1 kw solar system of UTL company. If you want to know about a bigger system than this. So subscribe to our website, in the next POST you will be told about the price of 2 Kw, 3 Kw and similar 5 Kw systems, information about which you will get first and if you like this POST, then like the POST and share my website. Subscribe Subscribe.

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