How much will it cost to install 1 kilowatt solar panel?

How much will it cost to install 1 kilowatt solar panel

If you want to install 1 kilowatt solar panel inside your house. So how much can it cost you? This video is going to be about this. But here if you choose the wrong panel incorrectly. So you suffer loss. And you do not get the benefit of solar panel scheme. So it is very important to choose the right solar panel and right size solar panel. Like we do with many appliances inside the house. Whichever load capacity it has. It may be less or more.

So in such a situation, if you want to buy an inverter according to your load capacity. So they can take it. But you should buy the panel according to your yield consumption, how many units you consume in a day. Do sports, you only need about five to six units a day. Inside which sometimes you even run your submersible for 10 to 15 minutes.

How much will it cost to install 1 kilowatt solar panel?

So in such a situation you can go with a 1 kilowatt system. However, you may get slightly less electricity there. But here you can reduce your expenses by adding one or two extra panels. And if you go. Directly towards 1 KW solar system where if you buy a 1 KVA inverter.

You install a 1 kilowatt panel on top of that. So your submersible etc. He will not be able to walk on it, in such a situation your money gets wasted. You may have to change the inverter later. So in such a situation, you should first choose the right inverter and choose the right panel capacity.

1 Kilowatt Solar Panel Price

Here you get to see the panels inside the market. They are of different types. Like poly panel, mono park panel and biofficial panel, the prices of all three are different. And all three have their own benefits. Like the poly panel. You get it quite cheap. If we talk about 1 Kw panel, you will get it for around Rs 25000. You can prepare your system by installing three panels of 330w each.

If we talk about Mono Perc, here comes half cut solar panel. And here you can also see panels up to 495w. In such a situation, you can run your work even by installing two panels. And you will get this for ₹ 28000 i.e. ₹ 28 per vote and it comes last.

You can also get our Bifacial with capacities ranging from 500 to 700w. But here if a system of 1 kilowatt is to be prepared. So you will need only two panels of 500 votes each and you will get these for ₹ 32000 i.e. ₹ 32 per vote,

  • 1Kw polycrystalline solar panel : Rs.25,000
  • 1Kw Mono PERC Hal Cut Solar Panel Price : Rs.28,000
  • 1Kw Bifacial Solar Panel Price : Rs.32,000

solar charge controller

Now along with this you may also need a controller. So you can see many controllers in the market. Which you can use. If you want to use them on double batteries. So you can take Noha 50 of Ashapower company. Which we have reviewed earlier. Or apart from this, you can also take it from a smarter company.

smarten ssc

If your budget is low. So you can also buy a solar charge controller of Smart Company with PWM technology. With the help of which you can prepare a system of 1.5 kw. But you will be able to install 1 Kw panels on top of a single battery, so if you install it on a single battery now. And later upgrade your system. That means it uses two batteries.

So in such a situation you will be able to increase additional 500 watt capacity there which will be very good for future. Apart from this, your extra expenses will be around Rs 5000, so let’s talk in detail about the stand and wiring etc. If you go with Poly Panel. And goes with the PWM controller. So your expenses will be around ₹38 to ₹40000.

However, if you go towards MPPT, the cost may increase slightly. Because MPPT controller will be extra expensive by Rs 2 to 3000, here you can estimate that you will have to invest Rs 40 to 45000 in MPPT technology. But if you think about the future, now you have to install solar panel on single battery. Later on two batteries, then on three and then on four batteries, in this way you have to gradually increase your system. So you can go. Towards NEON 80 model of Ashapower company

On this controller you can install solar panels on inverter ranging from one battery to 4 batteries. Which is very good for the future. So here one who has to slowly build his system. This charge control is going to be absolutely best for him. So if you want to install solar panels on top of your old system. So your cost of installing 1 kilowatt solar panel will be around Rs 40 thousand.

Cost of installing 1 kilowatt solar system

If you want to get a new system. So it will cost you a little extra because you will have to buy inverter batteries there. So if we talk about inverter battery, you can install 1 kilowatt panels here now. On UTL Gamma + or on Luminous NXG Pro 1kva which you can get for around Rs 10 to 12000. And talking about the cost of the battery, you can get a 150Ah battery for around Rs 15000.


If you have a shop. Where you run the load only during day time. So you can reduce the size of the battery. This means that instead of 150Ah battery, you can run your battery less by installing 100 Ah battery. So in such a situation your battery cost gets reduced. You will get a 100 Ah battery for around Rs 10000, so here you can expect a Rs 10000 battery. And 10 thousand rupees can be considered for inverter. Although the cost may be slightly more or less.

With new inverter battery your solar system will cost Rs 60 to 65000. You can prepare a 1 kilowatt system for Rs 60 to 65000. But you have to be careful here. That you will not be able to run a load of 1 kw because to run a load of 1 kw you will need an inverter of 2 to 2.5kva which is available inside the double battery. So in such a situation if you need more battery backup. So you can take a setup with 2kva inverter and double battery.

Within which the cost of the inverter will increase by approximately ₹ 7000 and the cost of the battery will increase by 10 to 15000. That means then your expenses will be around ₹ 80000.

Here you are told the price of different 1kw solar systems if you install only panels and controller. So the budget should be ₹ 40,000 and if you buy a single battery system then your budget should be ₹ 60,000 and if you buy a double battery system. So your budget should be ₹80000.

Now you must have known how much it will cost to install 1 kilowatt solar system or 1 kilowatt solar panel. If you still have any questions. If you have any suggestion, please comment in the video comment box.

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