Hogwarts Legacy Release Date: Anticipated Sequel Details and Character Speculations

All of the fans wait for the long-delayed DLC to release, a billion Hogwarts Legacy players are lamenting the loss of having access to the sequel. Even though they will be unable to play the game, some fans are hopeful about its future despite their disappointment. Although the release date for Hogwarts Legacy 2 is not certain, it is scheduled for release in 2028. 

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date

For the millions of fans of Harry Potter who are eager to play Hogwarts Legacy 2, there is unfortunate news. Many players were still wandering the Hogwarts hallways when the Boy Who Resided arrived, even after the first games had been published a little more than a year earlier. 

In this action-packed role-playing game, you take on the role of a pupil admitted to the renowned school, experiencing “the unwritten,” and embarking on a perilous quest to discover a secret about the wizarding world. 

The legacy of Hog was met with favorable reactions and encountered some development delays due to the limitations of last-generation platforms. Nevertheless, despite all the issues and criticism, it made a staggering $1 billion (£793.05 million) in profit in a mere three months, and by the start of this year, it had sold twenty-four million pieces worldwide. 

There appears to be a long way to go, even if recent sources indicate that Hogwarts Legacy 2 is their subsequent endeavor Avalanche Systems is collaborating on. Just a few months earlier was the initial game on the Nintendo Switch that was even published.

Determining the exact release date of a sequel is quite challenging, as GAMINGbible suggests it may not happen until 2028.

What is going to happen in Hogwarts Legacy 2?

In the game Hogwarts Legacy 2, players can explore an open environment that includes the Forbidden Forest, Hogsmeade, Hogwarts, and the Overland region. 

During their adventure, players can craft their own witch or wizard persona, nurture plants, make potions, learn spells, and frequently magical creatures. 

Players can develop their protagonists and learn new skills by forming bonds with other characters and selecting a Hogwarts house.

In this unique wizarding world adventure game, players discover a secret from the past while taking place in an uncharted era. A terrifying enemy who threatens the destiny of the world, monsters, skeptics, and Dark Wizards are just a few of the difficult challenges that lie ahead.

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date

What are the expected characters and what is going to happen in Hogwarts Legacy 2?

Some reports, however, indicate that the game will have both new and characters who return from the original game. The following list of potential characters could show up in Howard Legacy 2. 


  • The participant’s avatar and the main character of the first edition is Howard. The young man finds himself embroiled in a battle between the Rebellion and the Empire after learning that he possesses a unique talent for using magic. He has the option to choose a side or pave his own course. 
  • He has the ability to change the course of history and fall in love with other people. Jack will probably make a comeback in the follow-up, either as an independent character or as an auxiliary one, based on the decisions made in the original game.


  • In the first game, Howard has the option to fall in love with the female character Lila. She is an excellent fighter and engineer who is a part of the Rebellion. She has an overwhelming feeling of justice and is fearless, funny, and devoted. 
  • According to the player’s choices, she can either turn into Howard’s ally or his antagonist. She may make another appearance in the follow-up, maybe in the role of a rival or a romantic interest.


  • In the first game, Howard has the option to fall in love with Rex, a male character. He is a strong wizard and scholar who serves the Empire. 
  • He has a secret goal and is haughty, ambitious, and crafty. He can either turn into Howard’s ally or his enemy, based on what the player does.


  • The enigmatic young girl Aria, who possesses a special magic form, might be presented in the follow-up and could end up becoming Howard’s friend or the key to solving a bigger mystery. 


  • The sequel may see the introduction of Zane, a new character. He is the dynamic commander of a new group that resists the Rebellion and the Empire and wants to establish a new system of government. He has a devoted following and is charming, visionary, and captivating. He could end up as Howard’s rival or ally, or even both.

Based upon the details that are currently accessible, here are some of the anticipated characters that could show up in Howard Legacy 2. These specifics could be erroneous or could change as the game has not yet received formal confirmation. 

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