Haryana Van Mitra Portal – Check eligibility and complete Registration process!

Van Mitra Scheme is introduced along its portal to encourage people to participate in planting trees in non-forest lands. The government will provide training and incentives to the eligible Van Mitra under this scheme, so people looking to apply for the scheme can read the article below to know all about the scheme registration.

Haryana Van Mitra Portal

The state government has initiated the Van Mitra scheme to promote tree planting among the local community. Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar launched the scheme and its portal on 15 February to invite people to apply for the Van Mitra post.

An eligible person can apply for the Van Mitra post through the Van Mitra Portal and get the opportunity to increase the green cover of the state in the traditional non-forest areas.

Scheme Name Van Mitra Scheme
State Haryana
Launched by  Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar
Launched on 15 February 2024
Target beneficiaries Economically weaker section
Post 7500
Registration/ Selection/ Training February – March
Van Mitra Portal

Under the scheme, the government will appoint 7500 volunteers from the economically weaker sections of Haryana and provide them training for tree plantation. The Van Mitra will get financial incentives when they upload the pit photo or the sapling photo on the Van Mitra app. 

Eligibility for the Haryana Van Mitra Registration 

The government has decided the following eligibility criteria for the Van Mitra:

  • The annual income of the applicants should be less than 1.8 lakh. The government will note your income from the record of Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP), which is maintained by the Citizens Resources Information.
  • The applicant’s age should be under the age group of 18 – 60 years. 

Now, the document required for the application of Van Mitra:

  • Aadhar Card
  • The family ID of PPP

Haryana Van Mitra Portal

Financial Incentives and Honorarium Under the Haryana Van Mitra Scheme

As mentioned earlier, the Van Mitra will get financial incentives from the government for their work as a Van Mitra. And if Van Mitra owns the land, he would be doing the plantation, he/ she will own the benefits of the plantation.

According to the information released by the Haryana government, Van Mitra will follow the following activities and receive the respective financial incentives:

First Year:

  • In the period of February to March, the eligible person will register for the Van Mitra, and the selected Van Mitra will get the training for the Van Mitra roles and responsibilities.
  • The Van Mitra has to complete the process of pit digging for the plantation on the arranged land by 10th June 2024.
  • The plantation period will start from 1 July to 15 August 2024.
  • The Van Mitra should complete the geo-tagging and verification of the plantation by 31st August.
  • For 4 years, the Van Mitra has to maintain and protect the plantation.

Financial incentives for the Van Mitra

In the first year of the scheme, Van Mitra will get the following financial incentives based on his work:

  • The Van Mitra will receive Rs 20 in the last week of June for each dug-up pit on geo-tagging and uploading the snap of the pit on the Van Mitra App.
  • In the last week of July and August, the Van Mitra will receive Rs 30 for each sapling geo-tagging.
  • The Van Mitra will receive Rs 10 each month from September to maintain and protect the plantation on each plant.

In the second, third, and fourth year, the Van Mitra will receive Rs 8, Rs.5, and Rs 3 on the last week of every month to protect and care for each surviving sapling.

The incentives will be directly sent to the accounts of Van Mitra through the Direct Transfer Benefit policy after they upload the photographs of their plantation accordingly.

How to register for the Haryana Van Mitra?

Now, you must be wondering how to register for this environment-friendly Van Mitra Scheme, follow the below steps and register yourself for this scheme:

  1. The eligible candidates can go to the portal of the Van Mitra
  2. Now scroll down to the Van Mita Registration and click the registration link.
  3. On the new page, enter your Family ID of PPP and submit it

You have completed the Van Mitra registration process. Remember, the priority will be given to lower-income families and the younger applicants.

The initiative of the Haryana Government to cover non-forest lands by encouraging tree plantation among the local communities is a great initiative toward sustainable and environmental conservation. 

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