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The Haryana state government launched a new scheme, Haryana Antyodaya Parivar Parivahan Yojana (HAPPY), in March 2024 to provide free travel in Haryana Roadways buses. The eligible families can apply for the HAPPY card to avail the benefits of this scheme. 

Haryana Happy Card Apply

Haryana CM introduced the HAPPY scheme in March 2024 to benefit poor families through free travel assistance up to 1000 kilometers yearly in Haryana Roadways. 

The eligible Antyodaya families need to apply for the Happy card under the scheme to receive HAPPY Scheme benefits. Happy Card is like a smart card linked to the e-ticketing system, which you can use while traveling in Haryana Roadways buses without paying any penny.

The Antyodaya families can apply for the personalized Happy card on the official website of Haryana Transports with a special version of the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC); the application process began on 1 April 2024. 

The application process for the Happy Card is simple and easy to follow, which we will discuss further in the article, so keep reading!

The applicants need to pay the initial one-time cost of ₹ 50 to receive the card and the state government takes care of the balance cost of ₹109. The government will also take care of the annual maintenance cost of the Happy Card for the beneficiaries. 

Scheme Haryana Antyodaya Parivar Parivahan Yojana (HAPPY)
Regulated by Haryana Transport
Target beneficiaries Antyodaya families
Application Open 
Benefits Annual 1000 km travel free 
Official Website 

Who can apply for the Haryana Happy card?

The state government will identify the beneficiaries of the Happy Card through the Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) family ID of the applicants. So, to apply for the Happy card to avail the benefits of Happy scheme, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Your family must have a PPP family ID. 
  • You must be a permanent citizen of Haryana state.
  • The annual income of your family should not exceed Rs 1 lakh.
  • The information on the PPP family ID should be correct about all the family members, so you don’t face any errors.

Documents Required to Apply for the Haryana Happy Card 

The applicants would need the following documents in hand to apply for the Haryana Happy card:

  • PPP Family ID
  • Aadhar Card linked mobile number
  • Income Proof or certificate

How to apply for a Haryana Happy card?

The eligible Antyodaya family members can apply for the Happy card online under the Happy scheme in the following steps:

  • Go to the official website for e-booking Haryana transport at
  • Navigate to Apply Happy Card in the top right-hand corner of the website.
  • Click on “Apply Happy Card” and enter your PPP Family ID. 
  • Next, enter the captcha code in the captcha box and click on the “Send OTP to verify.”
  • Next, enter the OTP you will receive on the mobile number of the head of the family and click Verify OTP.
  • Now, if you are eligible for the Happy Card the list of your entire family will open on your screen. 
  • Next, tick in front of the member in the “Click to Apply” column who wishes to apply for the Happy card. 
  • But first, select the Haryana Roadways office, where you prefer to pick your Happy Card. 
  • Now, select the date on which you prefer to stop by to collect your Happy Card from the Haryana Roadways office.
  • After clicking on “click to Apply,” a new screen will pop up on your interface, where you should enter your mobile number and Aadhar Number and get it verified through OTP verification. 
  • After the OTP verification, you can click on the “Apply” option, and complete the Happy Card application process. 
  • Next, download the Happy Card receipt, which will be needed to get your Happy Card from the Haryana Roadways office. 

In How many days will you receive your Happy Card?

According to the reports, the applicant can collect the Happy Card after 15 days of application. Remember, you have to pay ₹ 50 for procuring the Happy Card from the Haryana Roadways office. 

The Haryana government initiated the scheme to provide affordable and convenient travel to Antyodaya families of the state and promote social economic development. The 1000 km free travel a year could help them access the required employment opportunities, healthcare facilities, and many more without worrying about the travel cost. 

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