Ghazal Alagh Biography, Net Worth, Early Life, Education, Carreer

Ghazal Alagh is an Indian entrepreneur and personal trainer who co-founded the Mamaearth brand, an online retailer of health, wellness, and fitness items. She also appeared as a judge on the Indian version of Shark Tank Indian in 2021.

Ghazal Alagh Biography

Ghazal Alagh is a businesswoman from India. She is one of Mamaearth’s co-founders. Additionally,  she serves as a judge on Shark Tank India. Chandigarh is the birthplace of her. 

Virgo is Ghazal Alagh’s zodiac sign. She stands five feet six inches tall. 

Hinduism is the religion of Ghazal Alagh. Her age is 36 years. She discovered there were no toxin-free baby care goods available in the Indian market after giving birth to her first kid. As a result, Mamaearth, a company that makes baby care products entirely free of toxins, was founded.

Ghazal Alagh Net Worth 

Ghazal Alagh is a shrewd businesswoman who understands how to make prudent financial decisions. Ghazal Alagh, the CEO of Mamaearth, receives an annual salary of approximately ₹19 crores from Mamaearth alone.

Ghazal Alagh’s net worth increased from ₹74 crores in 2018 to ₹107 crores in 2019. The estimated net worth of Ghazal Alagh is ₹150 crores. She now has a 17.9% net worth, up from 8.4%. The CEO of Mamaearth gets paid about ₹1.6 crores. 

She also gets paid by other skincare companies that she collaborates with. Mamaearth has a net worth of approximately ₹250 crores in the year May of 2023. The estimated value of the company is ₹6000 crores. Ghazal Alagh is a car collector who owns a Toyota Fortuner, an Audi A8, and an Audi e-tron.

ghazal alagh biography

Ghazal Alagh Early Life & Education 

October 2, 1988, in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, was Ghazal Alagh’s birthdate. His birth family was of Hindu religion and belonged to the middle class. Along with his brother Chirag Sahni and sister Sahiba Chauhan, she received the full support of his parents Kamlesh Sahni and Sunita Sahni. 

Her parents never prevented her from going to school and pursuing her goals, even though she was born in Haryana. It was in Haryana that she finished his elementary education. In the academic year of 2010, Ghazal went on to graduate with a degree in Computer Applications from “Punjab University.” 

Her Summer Intensive Course in Modern Art Design as well as her Intensive Course in Applied Arts and Figurative Arts at the “New York Academy of Art” were completed in 2013. Varun Alagh is the spouse of Ghazal Alag. The couple wed on January 28, 2011. She has a son. The name of her son is Agastya Alagh.

Ghazal Alagh Career 

In 2008, Ghazal Alagh spent two years working as a corporate instructor at NIIT. DietExpert was the initial venture. Nevertheless, despite her unwavering efforts, she failed. She continued with Arty as an artist despite the downfall of her first business. 

She was employed as an Oracle, J2ME, and SQL trainer. Ghazal was formerly employed by the business services company Honsa Consumer Private Limited. Later, she and her husband Varun Alagh began their business ventures. She serves as an overall director of the business that subsequently evolved into Mamaearth, her prosperous venture. 

Ghazal Alagh as a Co-founder of Mamaearth

Ghazal Alagh, an artist and entrepreneur who transitioned from corporate training, was one of the founders of Mamaearth because she was dedicated to easing the burden of early parenthood. Ghazal is Chief Mama and the head of manufacturing and community administration at Mamaearth, the first free-of-toxins baby care company in India. 

She works directly with many mothers to develop a range of products that address problems that mothers face daily. Ghazal was inspired to launch a line of baby products that are completely free of chemicals after finding it difficult to get chemical-free items for her son Agastya after becoming a mother.

Ghazal Alagh in Shark Tank India 

Shark Tank India is an Indian business reality TV series on Sony Entertainment Television, based on the American franchise Shark Tank Indian. The show features a panel of investors, or sharks, who evaluate business proposals and decide whether to fund ventures. 

She joined the panel of seven judges on the reality show “Shark Tank India” in 2021, where prospective business owners try to convince investors to invest in their ventures by presenting their ideas and business plans.

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