Festivals in April 2024: Checkout the Week-wise list here!

April is the month of new beginnings. We welcome spring and many festivals in April 2024. Every month brings some festive occasions for us Indians. The article covers the various festivals celebrated in India in April 2024 to keep a record of upcoming festive occasions.

Festivals in April 2024

April is full of festivals for the various religions in India. The month marks the beginning of Hindu Nav Varsh and is lined up with many auspicious occasions with diverse festivities. 

According to the Hindu calendar, the month is filled with many fasts and festivities for Hindu people, such as Chaitra Navratri, Chaitra Purnima, Ram Navami, etc. 

The month also holds importance for the other communities of India as April consists of Ramadan, Baisakhi, and many other festivals. 

It’s the month of celebrating unity and the arrival of new things in our lives. The spring season will start this month, and we will witness the beautiful sight of nature, blooming flowers, and a sunny Sun. 

We have curated the list of April festivals occurring this year according to the weeks of April to make it easy for you to keep a record of the upcoming festivals. 

List of Festivals in the First Week of April 2024

The first week of April has many festivals and fasts lined up for the Indians, here’s the list for the first week of festivals and their significance in April 2024:

Date  Festival  Significance
1 April 2024 Sheetala Saptami  People seek blessings from Goddess Shitala on this day
2 April 2024 Sheetala Ashtami Worship Goddess Sheetala to drive back infectious ailments
5 April 2024 Jamat Ul-Vida The last Friday of Ramadan month and one of the holiest days for the Muslim community
6 April 2024 Pradosh Vrat  Celebrated to seek blessings from Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
7 April 2024 Masik Shivratri  Monthly Shivratri to observe fast and seek blessings from Lord Shiva

Festivals in April

List of Festivals in the Second Week of April 2024

Here’s the list of second-week festivals to be celebrated in April 2024:

Date  Festival  Significance
8 April 2024 Chaitra Amavasya  The day marks the no-moon day of the Chaitra month 
9 April 2024 Ugadi, Gudi Padwa The day marks the beginning of the Nav Varsh in the Hindu calendar
9 April 2024 Jhulelal Jayanti, Navratri begins  It is celebrated among the Sindhi Hindus to celebrate the birthday of the saint of Sindhis, Julelal. 

Chaitra Navratri: The nine-day celebration of Goddess Durga beings.  

10 April 2024 Eid Al-Fitr It commemorates Prophet Muhammad’s win and involves moon-sighting. 
12 April 2024 Lakshmi Panchmi, Rohini Vrat  A day to worship Goddess Lakshmi and seek blessings of prosperity and wealth from the Goddess. 

Rohini Vrat: Important day to keep fast in the Jain community

13 April 2024 Baisakhi  The day marks the birth of Khalsa, the tenth guru of Sikhs. It is also celebrated as a harvest festival by Sikhs, Buddhists, and Hindus 
14 April 2024 Yamuna Chath, Pohela Boishakh  Yamuna Chath commemorates the day when Lord Krishna visited the Yamuna River with his friend.

Pohela Boishakh: The Tripura festival marks the auspicious start of a new business and paying old debts. 

List of the Festivals in the Third Week of April 2024

Here’s the list of third-week festivals to be celebrated in April 2024:

Date  Festival  Significance
15 April 2024 Chiatra Navapada Oli  The day signifies the eternal nature of Navpad and spiritual upliftment
17 April 2024 Ram Navami The day marks the birth of Lord Ram in Ayodhya. The devotees bid farewell to the Goddess Durga after the nine-day celebration
19 April 2024 Kamada Ekadashi  The day people observe fast to destroy all sins and channel their spiritual growth 
20 April 2024 Thrissur Pooram, Vamana Dwadashi Thrissur Pooram is a festival to worship Lord Vadakkunnathan.

Vamana Dwadashi: Celebrates the Vaman avatar of Lord Vishnu and marks the victory of good over evil

21 April 2024 Mahavir Swami Jayanti The day marks the birth anniversary of Saint Mahavir Swami, the last and 24th Tirthankara of the Jain community

List of the Festivals in the Fourth Week of April 2024

Here’s the list of fourth-week festivals to be celebrated in April 2024:

Date  Festival  Significance
23 April 2024 Hanuman Jayanti, Chaitra Purnima Hanuman Jayanti: Celebrates the birth of Lord Hanuman

Chaitra Purnima: Marks the first full moon of the Hindu Nav Varsh (New year)

24 April 2024 Vaishakha Begins Celebrate Lord Vishnu and worship the Lord to bring peace and prosperity in life
27 April 2024 Vikata Sankasthi Chaturthi  A day dedicated to Lord Ganpati to remove all difficulties from life

April month has many occasions to celebrate festivals with our loved ones and seek blessings from various deities. The month is full of diverse festivals from every community of India.

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