Farmers Protest 2.0 – Why are the farmers protesting? Get the complete information!

The 2024 Indian farmer’s protest is also called Farmers Protest 2.0 and this begins in Feb 2024. In this protest, they are putting demands on the government for guarantees on assured floor prices or lowest support price for producing crops within a repeat of 2020-2021 Indian farmer’s protest. 

Farmers Protest 2.0

The 2024 Indian farmer’s protest also called Farmers Protest 2.0 is an ongoing protest. This protest was started by various farmers on the morning of 13th Feb 2024. Farmers are likely to enter Delhi in small groups and take shelter in gurudwaras, ashrams and guest houses around Delhi.

Farmers Protest 2.0 Reasons

Some of the reasons which are identified through various sources regarding their protest are –

  • The union’s leaders of farms are seeking guarantees backed by law, of more stated support or a minimum purchase price for crops.
  • The government announces support prices for more than 20 crops every year to set a benchmark, but only wheat and rice at the support level, benefiting around just 7% of farmers who raise those crops.
  • State agencies buy the two staples at government fixed minimum support prices to build reserves to run the world’s largest food welfare event that entitles 800 million Indians to free rice and wheat.
  • This costs the government $24.7 billion yearly – its highest outgoing subsidy.
  • In 2021, when Modi’s administration repealed the farm laws after India’s longest farmer’s protest annually, the government said it would set up a panel of growers and government officials to find ways to ensure support prices to all produce.
  • Farmers accuse the government of going slow in fulfilling above mentioned promises.

Main Demands of Farmers in Farmer Protest 2.0

The important demand of the protesting farmers is to facilitate a guarantee in a legal way for the procurement of all 23 crops under the preview of commission regarding agricultural cost and prices in minimum support price.

Additionally farmers are demanding debt waiver, pension for farmers and farm labourers, reinstatement of Land Acquisition Act 2013 and the country’s withdrawal from the World Trade Organization agreements.

They also want the government to honor a promise to double their income, complaining that cost of cultivation has jumped over the past few years while income has stagnated, making farming a loss-making enterprise.

Last and final demand of farmers through this protest is to take action against a federal minister whose son was arrested at the time of 2021 protest on accusation he ran over and killed 4 protesting farmers.

Farmers Protest 2.0

Who is Leading Farmers Protest 2.0

Sarwan Singh Pandher, the coordinator of the Kisan Mazdoor Morcha (KMM) and the Kisan Mazdoor Committee (KMSC).

Jagjit Singh Dallewal, the Samyukt Kisan Morcha (non-political) coordinator, led the protest in an effective manner and in time.

They were the major representatives of farmers unions when a group of union ministers including Piyush Goyal and Arjun Munda held two rounds of meetings with them in Chandigarh on 12th and 8th February which remained inconclusive.

Although the KMM and SKM are umbrella bodies of farm unions from across the country, the Dillip Chalo agitation majorly includes farmers groups from Punjab and Haryana.

Will it affect the Lok Sabha Election 2024

Central government looks unbothered by the farmer’s protest 2.0 because the leader of BJP says that the party does not see this farmer’s agitation having a similar impact ahead of the Lok Sabha election 2024.

Unlike the 2020-2021 protests when the saffron party was seeking re-election within the Uttar Pradesh elections.

In October 2021, a SUV belonging to MoS Ajay Mishra Teni’s son Ashish Mishra rammed into some protesting farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri, killing 4. In the 2022 Assembly elections, the BJP won all eight seats in the district.

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