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Electronic Spreadsheet Class 10 Notes PDF | Class 10 IT Spreadsheet Notes PDF

Electronic Spreadsheet. In this post, we have shared class 10 IT unit 2 spreadsheet notes. The Electronic Spreadsheet Notes PDF has been given below. You can download the Electronic Spreadsheet Notes PDF for free.

Electronic Spreadsheet Class 10 Notes PDF
Electronic Spreadsheet Class 10 Notes PDF

This unit of the spreadsheet is explained in the video below so you can study this first and then jump into the Electronic Spreadsheet MCQ-type questions. Answers are at the end of this post.

Electronic Spreadsheet Notes

  1. Analyse data using scenarios and goal seek.
    In Unit 2 of Information Technology code 402 Class 10 you are going to read about spreadsheets. In the very first topic scenarios and goal seek are present. First of all consolidating data is to be read. this is very important for spreadsheets. Then subtotal and scenarios. Goal seek is another important topic you should keep in mind. There will be at least one question related to goal seek.

Using consolidating data.
Creating subtotals.
Using “what if” scenarios.
Using “what if” tools.
Using goal seek and solver.

  1. Link spreadsheet data
    In this topic, we are going to learn linking data to spreadsheets. The following topics given below are discussed.
    Setting up multiple sheets.
    Creating reference to other sheets by using keyboard and mouse.
    Creating reference to other document by using keyboard and mouse.
    Relative and absolute Hyperlinks.
    Hyperlinks to the sheet.
    Linking to external data.
    Linking to registered data sources.
  2. Share and review a Spreadsheet
    Setting up a spreadsheet for sharing.
    Opening and saving a shared spreadsheet.
    Recording changes.
    Add, Edit and Format the comments.
    Reviewing changes – view, accept or reject changes.
    Merging and comparing.
  3. Use Macros in Spreadsheet
    Using the macro recorder.
    Creating a simple macro.
    Using a macro as a function.
    Passing arguments to a macro.
    Passing the arguments are as values.
    Macros to work like built-in functions.
    Accessing cells directly.
    Sorting the columns using macro

Electronic Spreadsheet Class 10 Notes PDF


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Electronic Spreadsheet MCQ with Answers

I hope this post helped you get the ELECTRONIC SPREADSHEET ADVANCED NOTES. Please share these CLASS 10 IT SPREADSHEET NOTES with your friends. Yes, you can score full marks after reading these IT CLASS 10 SPREADSHEET NOTES PDF..

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