Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in China

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in China: Studying MBBS in China is a great option for students who are interested in getting high-quality medical education. And also China has a number of top-ranked universities that offer MBBS programs in English.

Even though China is popular for MBBS Study, it also has some disadvantages of studying MBBS in China. In this article, we are going to see the disadvantages of studying MBBS in China. Check out and decide whether to go to study MBBS in China or not.

What are the Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in China?

If you are looking for a high-quality medical education at an affordable price, then China is the best option. Even though there are many advantages to studying MBBS in China, there are also some challenging things.

Look into the disadvantages below to study MBBS in China.

  • Language Barrier
  • Climate of China
  • Quality of Education
  • Cultural Differences
  • Job Prospects
  • Higher Currency Exchange Rates
  • Pass Percentage of FMGE
  • China Politics
  • Frauds
  • Cost of Living
  • Security

Language Barrier

If anyone does not know, Chinese is the most popular language that is spoken around the globe. So if you want to study MBBS in China, but if you don’t know Chinese then it will be very difficult to communicate with your classmates, teachers, and patients.

It will be very difficult to study and understand the concepts that were discussed in class. Chinese is the only language that has a pictographic writing system that is still alive. Like other countries, even in China, you need to learn the language.

Climate of China

Coming to the Climatic Conditions the weather in China is cold compared to India. Some students who cannot bear the cold or students who have winter diseases need to avoid going to northern regions of China as it has extremely cold winters.

Students can choose to study in universities near the Shanghai region as the climatic conditions are stable in that area. Even though China is a cold region the infrastructure and accommodation is well equipped with proper heating systems. And in case of going outside students need to cover properly and need to go.

Quality of Education

When you think about studying MBBS in China, you need to know the best university where you will have the best quality education. Because the quality of education in medical schools in China may vary from university to university.

So if you get admission to a low-quality university that will be the biggest disadvantage to studying MBBS in China. And even if you want to know which is the best university while researching the factors you need to consider are school ranking, faculties qualification, school curriculum, and school facilities.

Cultural Differences

If you see Chinese culture, it will be very different from other countries. Even Though India and China are neighboring countries, they have two different cultures. And till now if you have not seen china culture, you will be shocked by seeing it. Chinese culture is also one of the oldest cultures in the world.

When you go to China, the culture will be new to you but it will be easy to adjust after some days. And it is also one of the best experiences to learn new things and new cultures.

Job Prospects

If you want to study MBBS in China and then you need to practice in your own country then you need to pass the licensing exam first. And also it is important to check the requirements in your home country to study MBBS in China.

The requirements for licensing vary from country to country. In some countries, you will need to pass the same licensing exam and in some other countries, it might be different.

Higher Currency Exchange Rates

When it comes to currency, Chinese currency is different from other countries. And the Chinese currency is Chinese yuan or RMB. Also the currency for India is Rs. 11.50 to Rs. 12 and it fluctuates according to the market.

So when the market currency price is high then if you want to study at that time it will be a disadvantage as the cost of university fees and everything will be high.

Normally the annual tuition fee for MBBS in China will be 30000 RMB and the accommodation costs will be approx. 4500 to 5000 RMB per year. And the food expenses will be around 1100 – 1500 RMB. So if the currency is high then all the expenses will be a burden to many parents.

Pass Percentage of FMGE

FMGE is nothing but a screening test that has to be cleared by foreign graduates after completion of their MBBS before registration with MCI ( Medical Council of India). The average pass percentage of China in the FMGE exam is 20 – 25 percent.

This low percentage of FMGE is the biggest disadvantage of studying MBBS in China. Even if you see the pass percentage of China in FMGE between 2015 to 2018 it will be 11. 71%. So going to China to study MBBS, the percentage of FMGE will be one of the disadvantages.

China Politics

In China, politics between students plays a major role in any education in a foreign country. And even everyone knows that relations between China and India are not in a good condition. And this will also impact Indian students studying MBBS in China.

It may impact student studies and will be a disadvantage in studying MBBS in China.

Cost of Living

China is one of the best countries and also the most affordable country for living. The cost of studying MBBS in China lowers the fee by 60 – 70 % compared to other countries.

For instance, the six-year duration of a medical course in China costs $ 30000 – $50000 in China whereas it costs double in other countries like the UK and the US.

There is no donation fee to get admission. The government of China provides subsidized tuition fee rates to the students.


Coming to this safety and security in China, it is good. China is a country of harmony and peace. Also, the Chinese government implements strict punishment and has strict rules for the regulation of any crime.

As there are strict rules for criminals there is a drop in crime rates each year. The government of China takes extra care of students who come to study from other countries and provides a healthy environment on the university campus.

FAQs on Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in China

  1. Is MBBS in China tough? 

Yes, MBBS in China is a tough course. Along with the medicine subjects, students need to learn their local language as the subject.

  1. Is MBBS in China worth it for Indian Students?

Yes, MBBS in China is the most preferred among Indian Students to consider medication as it offers low expenses compared with India and other countries.

  1. Why do people go to China for MBBS?

China is good for MBBS because it has a strong economy, excellent universities, and affordable education.

  1. Can I get a Job after MBBS in China? 

Yes, you can work as a doctor in China after completing the MBBS there.

  1. Which language is used to study MBBS in China?

To study MBBS in China the language used is English.

Key Outcomes

We are hoping that the information we have shared on the Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in China is beneficial for you to decide whether we need to study MBBS in China or not.

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