Delhi Solar Policy 2024 – Subsidy and Incentives, Features, How to Apply?

The Delhi government has introduced a new Delhi Solar Policy 2024 to encourage people to go for rooftop solar plants and increase the environment-friendly energy sources in Delhi for power generation. Delhi people can now access free electricity through the policy; read the article to know more.

Delhi Solar Policy 2024

Recently, the AAP government of the capital announced the new 2024 Delhi Solar Policy. Under the newly introduced policy, the government will provide a monthly subsidy of 400 units of electricity. 

People can also get incentives and support from the government to install rooftop solar plants and reduce their electricity bills to zero. 

At present, the Delhi people whose monthly consumption of electricity is around 200 units receive zero bills, while for consumption of 201 – 400 units, they get a 50% subsidy on their electricity usage.

 According to the Delhi Energy Minister Atishi, the government of Delhi aims to make 20% of the total energy usage source of the capital to solar energy by 2027. The Delhi government will set up camps and facility centers across the capital to help people install solar panels. 

The government plans to spend ₹ 570 crore for the implementation and execution of the new Delhi Solar Policy. 

Policy  Delhi Solar Policy 2024
Launched by  Delhi Government
Launched on  29 January 2024 
Managed by  State Power Ministry 
Budget  Rs 570 crore

Subsidy and Incentives of Delhi Solar Policy 2024

Under the Delhi Solar Policy 2024, people will receive the following incentives and subsidies:

  • Incentives based on power generation: According to the Delhi government, people who opt for rooftop solar panels through the scheme will earn ₹3 per kWh of power generation (up to 3 kW) and ₹2 for large panels (3 to 10 kW)  through installed solar panels. According to the CM of Delhi, people can earn a monthly amount of Rs 700 to 900 under the policy. 
  • Subsidy on solar panels power generation: The Delhi government will compensate citizens who go for rooftop solar panel installation under the scheme. According to the new policy, the subsidy provided to the people who opt for solar panel installation is around Rs 10,000 per kW of installed solar panel capacity. 

Apart from that, the people will also get a subsidy under the central government scheme Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana.

Delhi Solar Policy 

Features of Delhi Solar Policy 2024

The new Solar policy introduced by the Delhi government for the welfare of Delhi people has several features that can provide benefits to people and reduce the pollution of the city.

The following are the notable features of the Delhi Solar Policy:

  • Zero electricity bills: With the new policy, the Delhi people whose monthly consumption of electricity usage is around 400 units can reduce their electricity bills to zero. For instance, a consumer who has a monthly consumption of 400 units installed solar panels and generated power from around 220 units, his net consumption will become 180 units, and there will be no electricity bill for consumption under 200 units. Plus, he will earn Rs 3 per unit for the power generated through installed solar panels. 
  • Solar Panels for Government Buildings: Under the policy, the government has made it mandatory for Government buildings of more than 500 square meters to install solar panels. The government plans to do this within three years and is committed to achieving the solar energy goals. 
  • Accessible and Easy to Participate: The Delhi government is committed to making it easy for the people to participate in the scheme. The State Energy Minister has confirmed a provision for power generation assessment. Under this provision, the government will use satellite technology to access the capacity of power generation, reducing the burden of consumers on estimating their rooftop solar panels’ power generation capacity. 
  • New model: For better implementation and fulfilling the requirements of the policy, the government plans to deploy new models like community solar and Hybrid RESCO including people who have limited space and resources for the rooftop solar panels.

How to apply for the Delhi Solar Policy 2024?

  • The government will update the list of authorized vendors on its portal for the new policy soon. 
  • You can select the vendor through the list and contact them. 
  • Get your rooftop solar panels installed in your space. 
  • After the installation, DISCOM will install the net meter for tracking power-generated units, consumed units, and unconsumed units.
  • You will receive your bills accordingly through DISCOM, there is no need to submit any extra documents for participating in this scheme. 

The Delhi Solar Policy would improve their household affordability and encourage people to strive for green energy. So, Delhites go for renewable energy sources and contribute to a sustainable and clean environment. 

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