Cost of installing Smarten 4 kilowatt solar system

Cost of installing Smarten 4 kilowatt solar system

Before buying any solar system, you should know whether that solar system is right for you or not. If you are thinking of installing a 4 kilo watt solar system, then before that you should know that a 4 kilo watt solar system will last for a day. Only 20 units of electricity can be generated in a day. So if you consume about 20 units of electricity in a day. Only then a 4 kilo watt solar system will be right for you.

To make a 4 kilowatt solar system, you can get many solar inverters from Smarten company. Which work on different battery banks. But you have to buy inverter as per your need. If you need more battery backup, then you can buy an inverter with more battery bank. However, if you buy an inverter with more battery bank, then you can run your work by installing a bigger battery in it.

Cost of installing Smarten 4 kilowatt solar system

Many different components are used to install a solar system such as solar inverter, solar battery, solar panel, earthing kit etc. So you should choose all the components carefully. The bigger the inverter or the bigger the battery you need. So first of all we will talk about inverter.

Smarten 4kw Solar Inverter

Although in Smarten company you get many different solar inverters with the help of which you can prepare a 4 kilowatt solar system. But our suggestion is always that you should choose solar inverter keeping the future in mind so that in future you can You can make your solar system bigger by installing more solar panels on top of this inverter.

Smarten Superb 5550

This inverter comes with a load capacity of 4Kw on which you can install solar panels up to 4.5Kw. This inverter is of MPPT technology, hence inside it you will get VOc of 150V, so you can also install about three panels in series on this inverter. Are.

You get 2 years warranty on this inverter and this inverter comes with Pure Sinewave output. This inverter supports all types of batteries like LA, Tubular, SMF battery.
Inside this inverter, four level settings are available to set the DOD of the battery. You will get this inverter in the market for around Rs 50 thousand.

Smarten Solar Battery Price

In Smarten company you get to see solar batteries in different sizes. If your hair budget is low. And if you want to get a battery at a lower price, then you can get a 100Ah battery which will cost you around ₹ 10000. If you need more battery backup.

So you can buy a 150Ah battery which will cost you around Rs 14000. If you have more power cuts and more problems with electricity. So you can also take a 200Ah battery, which you will get for Rs 18 thousand.

4kw solar panel price

To prepare a 4 kilo watt solar system, you get two types of solar panels: Polycrery Crystal Line and Mono PERC. Both technologies are right in their place. But who wants to prepare his own solar system at a low cost.

For that, solar panels of poly crystal line technology will be best because this technology is the oldest. That is why you get solar panels at a single price. If you want to get a solar panel with good technology, then you will have to go with Mono PERC technology in which you will get to see slightly more expensive solar panels.

  • 4kw polycrystalline solar panel price – Rs.115,000
  • 4kw Mono PERC solar panel price – Rs.135,000

other expenses

Apart from solar panels, solar batteries and solar inverters, many other components are also used in installing solar system. Such as earthing kit, lightning arrester, safety device etc., these will also cost you around Rs 20,000.

Total Cost

If you want to install a 4 kilowatt solar system at less money, then you can install poly technology solar panels and by using 100Ah battery you can save a lot of money.

Total Cost

    • Inverter MPPT – Rs.50,000
    • 4 X 100Ah Solar Battery – Rs. 40,000
    • 4kw Poly Solar Panel – Rs.115,000
    • extra -Rs.20,000
    • Total – Rs.225,000

If you want to get inverter and solar panel of latest technology, then you can install solar panel of monocrystalline technology along with solar inverter of MPPT technology and also use 150Ah battery.

Total Cost

    • Inverter MPPT – Rs.50,000
    • 4 X 150Ah Solar Battery – Rs. 56,000
    • 4kw Solar Panel – Rs.135,000
    • extra -Rs.20,000
    • Total – Rs.261,000

Now you have come to know how much it will cost to install 4 kilo watt solar system of Smarten company. If you still have any question or suggestion regarding it, then you can ask by commenting below.

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