Cost of installing Patanjali 1 kilowatt solar panel

Cost of installing Patanjali 1 kilowatt solar panel

Although every child of the country knows Patanjali company because Patanjali company makes all types of products used in the house, but in the last few years they have also started making solar products. So if you also have one in your house. Thinking of installing solar panels of Patanjali company. So before that you should know how many solar panels you need.
1 kilo watt solar panel can generate about 5 units of electricity in a day, so if you use about 5 units of electricity per day then only you should install 1 kilo watt solar panels of Patanjali company.

But if you feel that your load is working now and you can increase the load of your house in the coming time, then you will have to choose your solar panels on the same basis, that is, if you have already installed more solar panels in your house. Instead of installing a solar panel of 1 kilo watt, you can use a solar panel of up to 1.5 kw.

Patanjali 1Kw Polycrystalline solar panel price

You can see both types of solar panels in Patanjali company. That is why if your budget is low and you are thinking of installing solar panels at your home in less money, then you can use Polycrystalline solar panels which are available at a very low price.

You will get 1 kilo watt Polycrystalline solar panel of Patanjali company for around ₹ 30000.

Patanjali 1Kw Mono Perc solar panel price

If your budget is good and you are thinking of installing a bigger solar system in less space, then you can use Mono Perc technology solar panels of Patanjali company. There are many benefits of installing Mono Perc solar panels such as it can generate good electricity even when it is sunny or during winter.

That is why their price is a little higher. You will get 1 kilo watt Mono perc solar panels for around Rs 33000.

Solar Charge Controller

You have been told the price of the solar panel. Unless you have a solar inverter

You cannot install it directly on your inverter. If you want to install a solar panel on your old inverter, then you will need a solar charge controller. You can find solar charge controllers from many companies in the market. You can buy charge controller at a reasonable price, but one thing to keep in mind is that you have to buy only MPPT solar charge controller. Below you are given the names of some good solar charge controllers.

Ashapower neon 80

Although in Ashapower company you get to see many different types of solar charge controllers, but neon 80 solar charge controller will be the best for those who have to install 1 kilowatt solar panels on one battery and gradually upgrade their system. Wants to grow up.

In future, if you buy an inverter with two batteries, then with the help of this solar charge controller, you will be able to install solar panels up to 2 kilo watts on it, that is, you do not need to change the solar panel and solar charge controller, you only need to change the solar panel. needs to be increased.

Type: This solar charge controller supports 3 kilo watt solar panel on three batteries and supports 4 kilo watt solar panel on four batteries. So whoever wants to install a solar charge controller keeping the future in mind, This solar charge controller will be best for you. You will get this in the market for around Rs 15000.

Total Cost

48V : Voc- 210V/ Watts- 4250Wp
60V : Voc- 220V/ Watts- 4750Wp
72V : Voc- 250V/ Watts- 5250Wp
96V : Voc- 270V/ Watts- 6500Wp

Smarten Savior 12/24V 50A

You have been told the best solar charge controller, but not everyone’s budget is that high, that is why many people want to buy a low cost solar charge controller, so this solar charge controller from Smarten company is the lowest price at which you can charge one battery. You can install 1 kilowatt solar panel and 1.5kw solar panel can be installed on two batteries.

This solar charge controller is of PWM technology, that is why you will get it for only 4 thousand rupees. But you can install this solar charge controller only on the inverter of one or two batteries. And if you want to use it on one battery. So you will have to use 5 solar panels of 200w/12v each. And if you connect it to an inverter with 2 batteries, you will have to use 3 solar panels of 330w each.

Other Expenses

Apart from solar charge controller, a lot of equipment is required to install solar panel like Stand, Wire, Earthing kit, Lighting arrestor etc. So the cost of installing these equipment comes separately and this cost depends on your requirement. It may cost you around Rs 5000 to Rs 10000.

Total Cost

So above you have got information about all the items and have come to know which product you will get for how much rupees. If your budget is less then you can install solar panel by using Poly Crystal Line Solar Panel with PWM Solar Charge Controller. Which will cost you at a very low cost.

Total Cost

Solar Charge Controller – Rs.4,000
6kw Poly Solar Panel – Rs.30,000
Extra-Rs. 6,000
Total – Rs.40,000

So now you must have come to know that the cost of installing 1 kilo watt solar panel of Patanjali company will be at least ₹ 40000. If you buy Mono Perc solar panel and MPPT solar charge controller here, your expenses will increase by about Rs 13. That means then you will get this system for Rs 53 thousand.

Price of installing Patanjali 1kw solar system

Above you were told the cost of Patanjali company’s solar panel. When you install it on the old inverter battery, it will cost you only ₹ 40000, but if you want to install a complete Patanjali company’s solar system, then its price will be a little higher because there But you also have to buy inverters and batteries of Patanjali company.

Total Cost

Inverter PWM – Rs.9,000
100Ah Solar Battery – Rs.10,000
1kw Solar Panel – Rs.28000
Total – Rs.57,000

If you want to install a complete 1 kilo watt system of Patanjali company, then it will cost you around ₹ 60000. So hopefully now you know how much it can cost to install 1 kilo watt solar panel of Patanjali company. If you read about it If you still have any questions or suggestions, you can ask by commenting below.

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