Cost of installing Luminous 4 kW solar panel

Cost of installing Luminous 4 kW solar panel

Generally we use only one or two kilo watt solar system in our homes. But nowadays, big appliances have started being used in our homes like air conditioner, room heater, car washer etc. or many people have more people in their homes. If they live there, they need to run more fans or coolers at a time, that is why they also need a bigger solar system.
That is why before installing a big solar system, you should get complete information about it. If you want to install a solar system up to 4 kilo watts in your house, then before that you should know that a 4 kilo watt solar system can generate only 20 units in a day. Electricity can be generated. If you consume about 20 units of electricity per day then you can install a 4 kilo watt solar panel.

Luminous 4Kw Mono Perc Half Cut Solar Panel Price

Although solar panels of old technology are coming in the market like never before. But Mono Perc Half Cut technology is the latest and in this technology you get to see very big solar panels. In Mono Perc Half Cut technology you get up to 500 watts. Solar panels are available so that you can create your own large solar system in a small space.

The efficiency of solar panels of Mono Perc Half Cut technology is very high, hence it can produce good amount of electricity even in sunny or rainy season. But these solar panels are a little expensive in the market. If you buy 4k Mono Perc Half Cut solar panel, you will get it for around Rs 1,32,00.

But in this technology you can prepare your 4 kilo watt solar system with only 8 solar panels.

Luminous 4Kw Polycrystalline Solar Panel Price

Polycrystalline technology has become quite old. That is why the efficiency of solar panels of this technology is slightly less and that is why you get them in the market at a very low price. The ability of these panels to generate electricity during rainy days and winter is It reduces considerably.

For a 4 kilowatt solar system, you have to install approximately 12 solar panels. Due to which you will need more space. If you have no shortage of space and you want to buy 4 kilowatt solar panels at a low price. So you can buy solar panels of Polycrystalline technology, which you will get for around Rs 1,12,000.

other expenses

Above you have been told only the cost of solar panel. If you want to install 4 kilo watt solar panel on your old inverter battery, then for this you will also need solar charge controller, stand and wire, which will cost separately. Stand and wire This will cost you approximately ₹ 20000. But your cost of solar charge controller may vary. Whichever company you buy solar charge controller from, your expenses will be the same.

Ashapower Neon 80 Solar MPPT Charge Controller

If you want to install more solar panels on the battery system, then for this you can take Neon 80 solar charge controller of Ashapower company. With the help of this solar charge controller, you can install 1 kilo watt solar panels on one battery.

You can install 2 kilowatt solar panels on two batteries, 3 kilowatt solar panels on three batteries and you can install up to 4 kilowatt solar panels on a four battery inverter. This solar charge controller will cost you around Rs 15000. Will be available online for Rs.

Total Cost

12V: Voc- 120V/ Watts- 1200Wp
24V: Voc- 165V/ Watts- 2000Wp
36V : Voc- 165V/ Watts- 3000Wp
48V : Voc- 165V/ Watts – 4000Wp

Ashapower HELIOS-60 Solar MPPT Charge Controller

If you currently have an old inverter with 4 batteries, but later you want to gradually expand your system. That is, you currently have an inverter with 4 batteries and later you will buy an inverter with 8 batteries, then for that you can buy Ashapower now. You can take HELIOS-60 solar charge controller. It works on systems ranging from four batteries to eight batteries.

With the help of this solar charge controller, you can now install 4 kilo watt solar panels on an inverter with four batteries. And later, if you also install an inverter with eight batteries, then with the help of this solar charge controller, you will be able to install solar panels up to 6.5kW on your system. You will get this solar charge controller online for around Rs 20,000.

Total Cost

48V : Voc- 210V/ Watts- 4250Wp
60V : Voc- 220V/ Watts- 4750Wp
72V : Voc- 250V/ Watts- 5250Wp
96V : Voc- 270V/ Watts- 6500Wp

Total expenditure

Apart from the solar panel, your stand and wire will cost approximately ₹ 20000. But this expense may be more or less. Because if you use mono PERC solar panels then you have to install work stands. And if you install Polycrystalline solar panels then you will need more stands.


  • Solar Charge Controller – Rs.15,000
  • 4kw Poly Solar Panel – Rs.120,000
  • Extra-Rs.20,000
  • Total – Rs.155,000

So you can see that if you have an old inverter battery setup, then you can install 4 kilo watt solar panels on your inverter for only about Rs 1,55,000.

Cost of installing Luminous 4kw solar system

If you want to install a new 4 kilowatt solar system of Luminance company, then for this there are many inverters available in the market such as

  • Luminous Solarverter Pro 5Kva
  • Luminous Solarverter NXE 5Kva

You will get Luminous Solarverter pro 5Kva solar inverter in the market for around Rs 50000, on which you have to install only three batteries. So you will get 4 batteries for around Rs 60,000. Apart from this, the cost of your solar panel will remain the same at Rs 120,000. Your cost of stand and wire will be ₹ 20000.

Total Cost

  • Inverter MPPT – Rs.60000
  • 150Ah Solar Battery – Rs.60000
  • 4Kw Mono Perc Solar Panel – Rs.132,000
  • Extra-Rs.20,000
  • Total – Rs.272,000

So now you can see that the cost of installing a new 4 kW solar system of Luminance Company will be approximately Rs 2,72,000. If you still have any question or suggestion regarding this, then you can ask by commenting below.

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