Cost of installing Exide 6 kW solar system

Cost of installing Exide 6 kW solar system

In most of the houses we see 3 kilo watt or 5 kilo watt solar system because most of the companies make 3 kilo watt solar inverters and 5 kilo watt solar inverters. If you consume about 25 units of electricity in a day, then 5 kilo watt solar panels will be perfect for you, whereas if you spend 20 units per day then you can install a 4 kilo watt solar system, then you should install the solar system as per your requirement.

You get many different solar inverters in Exide company with the help of which you can prepare a 6 kilo watt solar system. If you only need 30 units of electricity per day, then you can take a solar inverter that supports 6 kilo watt solar panel and if you want to run a load up to 6 kilo watt, then you will need at least 7.5 kva solar panel. Will have to buy an inverter. So, you can prepare a solar system by taking solar inverter as per your need.

Exide Aditya MPPT 7.5 KVA Solar PCU

If you have to run a load up to 6 kilo watts, then you can use this solar inverter. This inverter will run on 96v, so 8 batteries will have to be installed on this inverter. One who does not need much battery backup can install a 100 Ah battery on it.

Which you will get at a lower price. Those who want longer backup can install 150 Ah or 200 Ah battery on it. The output of this inverter is Pure Sine Wave.

So that all your appliances will work perfectly. And you get 2 years warranty on this inverter. You can also use this inverter as a normal inverter and later you can install solar panels to make it a solar inverter. .

Exide Solar panel price

You can find solar panels in various sizes in Exide company, but you should choose the solar panel as per your budget. There are two types of solar panels available in the market. If your budget is low then you can buy solar panels of polycrystalline technology which are the cheapest.

You will get 6 kilo watt polycrystalline solar panels for around Rs 1,80,000. But the efficiency of these solar panels is very low, hence in less sunny and rainy days or during winter, they are able to generate very less electricity. For a 6 kilo watt solar system, you have to install 18 solar panels.

If you have a good budget and want to install solar panels with good technology, then you can install solar panels with mono perc half cut technology, which can generate good electricity even in times of less sunlight and winter. But their price is a little higher, you will get 6 kilo watt mono perc half cut panels for around ₹ 2,00,000. So buy solar panels as per your budget and need.

Exide solar battery price

In Exide company, you get solar batteries of every size. If your budget is low and you need backup work, then you can buy smaller batteries. If your budget is good and you want more battery backup then you can buy a bigger battery. The price of Exide Solar Battery is given below.

Price of Exide 80ah solar battery = Rs.8500
Price of Exide 100ah solar battery = Rs.10,000
Price of Exide 150ah solar battery = Rs.14,500
Price of Exide 200ah solar battery = Rs.18,600

So here you have been told the price of solar batteries used on most solar inverters. Now you can take any battery according to your need and budget.

Exide Solar Inverter Connection

It is very easy to connect solar inverter. First of all, you have to connect 8 solar batteries in series so that you will get 96v supply from the battery. While connecting solar panels, you have to take special care of the VOC of the solar inverter. The solar inverter supports VOC of 240-320 v, that is why you can install 3 solar panels in series on this inverter. Having 5 solar panel series will provide VOC up to 250v.

Total expenses

To install a solar system, we need many components other than solar panels, solar batteries and inverters. To install the solar panel, you need a setend and to connect the solar panel with the inverter, you need a wire. Apart from this, you need devices like earthing and lightning arrester to keep all your components safe. Their expenditure comes to around ₹ 40000.

So now you have come to know that you will get solar inverter for at least ₹ 70000. You will get 100ah solar battery for around 40000 and solar panel will cost you for around 180000 rupees. Apart from this, you will also have to spend another ₹ 40000. Exide 6 KW solar system price Rs 3,30,000 Will happen.

If your budget is good then you can install 150 ah battery and use mono perc half cut solar panel so that your solar system will become even better. But its price will also be higher.

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