Character Sketch of Photographer and Narrator




Give a Character Sketch of Photographer and the Narrator from ICSE Class 10 English Lesson With the Photographer


Character Sketch of the Photographer


The photographer is described as an aging person wearing a gray suit, possessing the discerning eye of a natural scientist. His studio is a simple room with a camera positioned in the center, covered by a black cloth when the camera is put to use. The narrator is instructed to sit in a beam of sunlight filtered through a sheet of factory cotton hanging over a frosted skylight.

Displaying a professional attitude, the photographer condemns the narrator’s face, deeming it “wrong,” and sets out to improve it using his skills. He confidently suggests that he can make the face appear “better three-quarters full,” showcasing his pride in his skills and ability to significantly alter the photograph if the customer complies with his directions. He directs the narrator to assume poses that he believes will improve the photograph.

The photographer’s approach is characterized by his personal ideas and strict adherence to his own standards, often interrupting the narrator and disregarding his input. 

With the Photographer Overview – The story ‘With the Photographer’ conveys the theme of original self and distorted self. It also gives a message of acceptance and confidence. 

While the author is at the studio, waiting for his turn, he reads a few magazines which carry photos of models. This creates a sense of inferiority and perfectionism in the author. He also makes efforts to improvise his photo whereas initially, he just wanted a photo for his friends, as his memory. The harsh comments of the photographer awaken the author, he respects God’s creation and becomes confident of his appearance. 


Some Questions on Character Sketch of the Photographer


  1. What was the photographer trying to do in his studio?
  2. What made the photographer feel proud?


Character Sketch of the Narrator


The narrator, a 40-year-old man and the lead character, is shown as lacking attractive physical or facial features. The photographer criticizes his face, deeming it “wrong” and unphotogenic compared to that of a model. This criticism causes the narrator to become self-conscious, leading him to follow the photographer’s instructions whole-heartedly, adjusting his mouth, rolling his eyes, and posing as directed.

Despite feeling insecure and humiliated when comparing himself to magazine models, the narrator knows that true worth lies within, rather than in one’s outward appearance. He expresses love for his face, acknowledging it as a gift from God that should be accepted as it is.

The narrator is critical of professionals like the photographer who impose their unrealistic standards on others. He believes they should respect an individual’s self-respect and not reduce people’s confidence.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of the Narrator 


  1. How does the narrator’s perspective shape the reader’s understanding of the photographer and his work?
  2. Do you think the narrator is happy and satisfied with the photographer?
  3. What did the photographer say about the narrator’s face and features?
  4. What was the narrator’s experience with the photographer?
  5. Why did the narrator not feel fit to describe the photographer?


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