Chakshu Portal: Empowering Citizens Against Cyber Fraud

The Chaksu Portal is a one kind of AI protection program which is launched by the government of India under the Sanchar Sathi Initiative. This is one of the best portals for users to safeguard from fraud messages and calls. 

Chakshu Portal

This portal aims to empower subscribers to report suspected fraud calls and messages and also instances of leaked phone numbers through businesses. 

This type of implementation targets telecom resource misuse and strengthens citizens protection against cyber frauds. 

What is Chakshu Portal

This is basically one type of artificial intelligence protection program which is developed to stop the various digital and other fraud functions at maximum level.  

Over the past months these measures have resulted in citizens saving accurately Rs 1000 crore and freezing Rs 1008 crore in bank accounts linked to fraudulent transactions. 

Chakshu Portal

Chakshu Portal Main Initiator 

The Chashu Portal was unveiled by the Union Minister of Communications and Electronics and Information Technology Ashwini Vaishnaw as an initiative from the Department of Telecommunications. 

At the time of introducing Chakshu Portal Ashwini Vaishnaw said that the ministry was working very closely with financial based institutes, like the Reserve Bank, to prevent online financial crime. 

The ministry of Communication is said that with help of this initiative, around 5.9 million fraud connections have been disconnected; 2.3 million mobile connections disconnected depending on user feedback. 

Around 150,000 have been blocked for involvement in the cybercrimes and more than Rs 1000 crore belonging to Indian citizens saved. 

How to use Chakshu Portal 

For users using this kind of platform or portal is quite simple. There is a one page form that users are required to fill out in order to report the potential cybercrime. 

  • First user are required to get to the official portal at www.sancharsaathi.gov.in. 
  • Then click the “continue to report” button and move towards the next screen. 
  • There they need to fill out multiple details like medium of communication, date and time, category of suspected fraud and details of the communications and others. 
  • Here users also need to attach the screenshot of the suspected communication. 
  • This can be a message or a screenshot of the call log. 
  • Remember that attachment should not be more than 1 MB in size. 
  • Once these details are filled in, the user will need to fill out some personal details also which includes phone number and name. 
  • After that, users need to fill in the captcha, to verify their number via OTP and submit the report.  

Who can report on Chakshu Portal?

  • Checking the mobile connections which are issued in their names and report unwanted or unauthorised connections.
  • Report lost/ stolen mobile handsets for tracing and blocking. 
  • Report incoming calls which are international and display Indian telephone number as caller ID . 
  • Verifying the authenticity of mobile handsets when buying used or new devices. 
  • Check information of wireline Internet Service Providers. 

The portal can be accessed with the government’s Sanchar Saathi web portal:

Some Important Details of the Chakshu Portal Facility 

Fraud Types –

  • Citizens can use this portal to report different kinds of fraud activities like KYC associated frauds, impersonation as government relatives or officials for financial achievement and other forms of communication aimed at defrauding individuals. 

Ease of Report – 

  • The facility simplifies the reporting procedure of suspected fraud communications. 
  • This enables the citizens to take proactive measures to combat fraudulent functions. 
  • With facilitating a user-friendly interface on Sanchar Saathi portal ‘Chakshu’ motivates swift and efficient reporting. 

Accessibility – 

  • The portal Chakshu is readily accessible to citizens with the Sanchar Saathi portal ensuring that each individual can easily report fraudulent communications and contribute to efforts in curbing cyber crime. 

Proactive measures – 

  • With this portal ‘Chakshu’ citizens play an active role in protecting themselves and others from falling victims to those schemes which are fraud. 
  •  Through promptly reporting suspicious communications individuals are able to help prevent losses financially and safeguard the integrity of the communication network. 

In conclusion, The platform of Chakshu will integrate with the portal of Sanchar Saathi, enabling the prompt sharing of intelligence among different stakeholders. 

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