CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 English Communicative Set 5 with Solutions

Students can access the CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 English Communicative with Solutions and marking scheme Set 5 will help students in understanding the difficulty level of the exam.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 English Communicative Set 5 with Solutions

Time Allowed : 3 hours
Maximum Marks : 80

General Instructions:

  1. 15-minute prior reading time allotted for Q-paper reading.
  3. Attempt questions based on specific instructions for each part.

SECTION – A (Reading Skills) (20 Marks)

Question 1.
Read the following passage.

(A) Rabindranath Tagore lived 80 years, from 1861 to 1941, leaving his mark on both centuries. His oeuvre is massive, spanning over 2,000 songs, 3,000 poems, 2,000 paintings, 90 short stories, dozens of novels, plays and dance-dramas, innumerable essays, creation of his educational experiments in Santiniketan and Sriniketan, engagement in debates on national and international issues, and so on.

One may well ask: Is there a central theme in Tagore, or even a small set of themes? This is an important question because if there is, we must not lose sight of it when contemplating the vast range of his outputs. I do believe that there is a central theme, and that is his love of freedom, and non-conformity, which is evident in his works. Apart from being a literary genius, have you ever wondered what else did he love? Have you ever thought of tasting the bard’s favourite dishes

(B) Now Kolkata can boast of a cafeteria-cum-restaurant, ‘Cafe The’, where people can get a taste of Tagore’s culinary indulgences-all under one roof. It was conceived by Ratikanta Basu, who undertook a lot of research to make it a reality.

(C) The restaurant is located on Ho Chi Min Sarani in South Kolkata and is the first cafe-cum-restaurant in India that is exclusively dedicated to Tagore cuisine.

(D) Tagore would encourage the ‘thakurs’ (cooks) in his ancestral palace in the northern part of the city to introduce variations in the platter, by including local versions of Continental and Peshawari cuisine. Thus, the cross over culture ensconced silently in the Kitchens of ‘Thakurbari’ and it was launched, much before the clamour for cross-cultural cuisine actually started.

(E) The poet’s innate wanderlust took him to places like Italy, Spain, England, Turkey, and he imbibed the food traditions of respective countries. Since he was exposed to both oriental and continental cuisine, a penchant to blend the two forms came naturally.

(F) There are not many documents to support that Tagore was a die-hard food lover. But he actually was one, and whenever he attended a lunch or dinner abroad, he used to collect and bring back the menu cards.

(G) A part of the menu card will be a facsimile of the menu laid out for the dinner party hosted by India society, London, in 1912 to felicitate Tagore on the occasion of the publication of ‘Gitanjali’, a collection of his poems. This collection was originally written in Bengali, the poems were based on medieval Indian lyrics of devotion. Their translation to English in 1912 garnered wide popularity among European audiences.

The publication of Gitanjali in English led Tagore to become the first non-European to win a Nobel Prize for Literature. The committee summed up their reasons as follows: “Because of his profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse, by which, with consummate skill, he has made his poetic thought, expressed in his own English words, a part of the literature of the West.” Even the decor of the cafe in south Kolkata has been designed to suit the ambience, with large portraits of Tagore at various lunch and dinner parties across the world, his framed write-ups on food, and of course softly played Tagore songs.

Answer the following questions based on the passage above.

(i) What is meant by ‘penchant’? (Para E)
(A) fondness
(B) likeness
(C) indifference
(D) only (A) and (B)
(D) only (A) and (B)

‘Penchant’ means a strong liking for something.

(ii) What is meant by ‘innate’?
(A) noble
(B) appreciated
(C) natural
(D) real
(C) natural

‘Innate’ means something that is inborn or natural.

(iii) Find the word opposite in meaning to ‘disperse’. (Para F)
(A) collect
(B) support
(C) lover
(D) back
(A) collect

‘Disperse’ means to spread in different directions.

(iv) Find the word opposite in meaning to ‘covered’. (Para E)
(A) imbibed
(B) blend
(C) penchant
(D) exposed
(D) exposed

‘Covered’ means something that is put on to protect another thing.

(v) Which out of the following is not a café where people can get taste of Tagore’s culinary indulgence?
(A) ‘Thakurbari’
(B) ‘Café The’ .
(C) ‘Ho Chi Mm’
(D) ‘Thakurs’
(D) ‘Thakurs’

‘Thakurs’ are cooks who work in restaurants.

(vi) What was the underlying theme of Tagore’s works?
According to the writer the underlying theme of Tagore’s works can be termed as his love of freedom, and non-conformity.

(vii) Ratikant Basu has paid tribute to Tagore by opening a cafeteria-cum-restaurant, ________.
“Cafe The”

(viii) What do you understand by “cross-cultural cuisine”?
“cross-cultural cuisine” means local versions of food or recipes being re-invented with a continental touch or vice versa.

(ix) The publication of Gitanjali in English led Tagore to become the first non-European to win ___________for Literature.
Nobel Prize

(x) Write the word similar in meaning to ‘garnered’. (Para E)
accumulated, collected.

Question 2.
Read the following passage.

(A) Since its formation over 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth has been hit many times by asteroids and comets whose orbits bring them into the inner solar system. These objects, collectively known as ‘Near Earth Objects’ or NEOs, still pose a danger to the Earth today. Near Earth Objects (NEOs) are comets and asteroids that have been nudged by the gravitational attraction of nearby planets into orbits that allow them to enter the Earth’s neighbourhood. Composed mostly of water or ice with embedded dust particles, Comets are originally formed in the cold outer planetary system while most of the rocky asteroids are formed in the warmer inner solar system between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

The scientific interest in comets and asteroids is largely due to their status as the relatively unchanged remnant debris from the solar system formation process some 4.6 billion years ago. The giant outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) formed from an agglomeration of billions of comets and the leftover bits and pieces from this formation process are the comets we see today. Likewise, today’s asteroids are the bits and pieces left over from the initial agglomeration of the inner planets that include Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

(B) As the primitive, leftover building blocks of the solar system formation process, comets and asteroids offer clues to the chemical mixture from which the planets formed some 4.6 billion years ago. If we wish to know the composition of the primordial mixture from which the planets are formed, then we must determine the chemical constituents of the leftover debris from this formation process-the comets and asteroids. Depending on the size of the impacting object, such a collision can cause massive damage on local to global scales.

It is an astronomical certainty that sometime in the future Earth will undergo another cosmic impact. There is strong scientific evidence that cosmic collisions have played a major role in the mass extinctions documented in Earth’s fossil record. That such cosmic collisions can still occur today was demonstrated graphically in 1994 when Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 broke apart and 21 fragments, some as large as 2 km in diameter, crashed into the atmosphere of Jupiter. If these fragments had impacted on Earth instead, we would have suffered a global catastrophy!

(C) The earth is occasionally hit by craggy remnants of creation known to cross the Earth’s path. These lie in a loose belt between Mars and Jupiter like so much rubble left over from creation. The first asteroid was too faint to be seen by the naked eye. It was discovered by an Italian monk named Giuseppe Piazzi in Palermo, Sicily. The largest found is about 8 km wide.

(D) Slamming into the Earth at roughly 26 km a second, a large asteroid could explode with the force of a million hydrogen bombs, lifting enough rock and dust to block most sunlight. Cold and darkness could last for months, destroying agriculture, leading to the death of a billion or more people from starvation.

(E) The dangers posed by these intruders in the inner solar system are not the subject of serious scientific investigation. “The risk is real” said Dr. David Morrison, Chairman of the study undertaken by nearly 100 scientists of NASA. Dr. Morrison further says that the asteroid threat has dawned on scientists only slowly as it is hard for the layman to comprehend. But the fact, he said, is that mankind lives in a kind of cosmic shooting gallery.

(F) What can be done if one of these surveys finds an asteroid on a collision course with the Earth? Scientists and engineers are looking at ways of using a spacecraft to gently change orbit of an asteroid.

Answer the following questions based on the above passage.

(i) What is meant by ‘remnants’?
(A) bits and pieces
(B) residue
(C) scraping
(D) All of these
(D) All of these

‘Remnants’ means the remaining part of something which can be a scraping or a residue. It may also be in bits and pieces.

(ii) Find the word opposite to ‘frequently’.
(A) regularly
(B) occasionally
(C) all the time
(D) very often
(B) occasionally

‘Frequently’ means to happen often. ‘Occasionally’ means to happen sometimes.

(iii) Find the word opposite to ‘harshly’.
(A) brutally
(B) roughly
(C) gently
(D) sternly
(C) gently

‘Harshly’ means roughly.

(iv) What is the full form of “NEO”?
(A) Near Earth Objects
(B) New Earth Objects
(C) Native Earth Objects
(D) None of the above
(A) Near Earth Objects

‘NEO’ means ‘Near Earth Objects’.

(v) Who discovered the first asteroid?
(A) Carrie Nugget
(B) Guseppe Piazai
(C) David Morrison
(D) Giuseppe Piazzi
(D) Giuseppe Piazzi

Giuseppe Piazzi discovered the first asteroid.

(vi) Why are NEOs considered a threat?
NEOs are considered a threat because such a collision can cause massive damage on local to global scales.

(vii) What impact would the explosion of an asteroid have on Earth?
The explosion of an asteroid on Earth would result in massive damage to all kinds of lives on Earth, on a global scale.

(viii) Find the synonyms for:
(i) coarse features
(ii) small remaining portion
(i) craggy
(ii) remnant

‘Craggy’ means something that is uneven or rough. ‘Remnant’ means residue.

(ix) The earth is occasionally hit by craggy remnants of creation known to cross the Earth’s path.
These lie in a loose belt between ________ like so much rubble left over from creation.
Mars and Jupiter

(vi) What is meant by ‘craggy’? (Para C)

SECTION – B (Writing Skills) (24 Marks)

Question 3.
You are the President of a children’s club in your locality. You and your team are planning to organise a programme to celebrate Teacher’ s day. Write a notice (in 50 words) to be put up in the local Supermarket, giving details of the programme to create an awareness about the event.

Children’s Club, Lok Vihar Colony

1st September 20XX

Thank you, Teachers!

This to inform all the teachers who are residents of Lok Vthar Colony, that the Children’s club is organising a cultural programme to celebrate Teacher’s Day.

Date : 5th September 20XX
Time : 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Venue : Central Hall, City Mall

You all are cordially invited to the celebration. Kindly grace the celebration with your presence.

Riya Sharma
President (Children’s Club)

Question 4.
Prepare a dialogue between a customer and a salesperson.
Customer : Hi, I’m looking for a new laptop. Can you help me out?
Salesperson : Absolutely. What kind of laptop are you looking for?
Customer : Something with a lot of storage and good processing speed. And not too expensive, please.
Salesperson: I see. Well, we have this one here that I think might be perfect for you. It’s got a terabyte of storage and an Intel Core i5 processor.
Customer : That sounds great. How much does it cost?
Salesperson : It’s currently on sale for Rs. 99,000. Customer: I’ll take it.
Salesperson : Sure, I will pack it for you and prepare your bill.
Customer : Thank you. That’s very kind of you.

Question 5.
You are to be awarded a special prize at the Annual Prize Day Ceremony of your school. Write a letter to a lady relative giving her the news. Be sure to include details of the prize that you are to receive and tell her why you have been chosen for this honour.
74, New Vijay Nagar Colony
Agra – 282003
17th April 20XX

Dear Aunty

You will be glad to know that I have been chosen for a special prize at the Annual Prize Day Ceremony of our school, which will be held on 20th April, Saturday. It is a rare honour to be chosen for this category, as there were so many contestants for this. The school Principal considered my name as I was one of the best students in bringing name and fame to the school by bringing lots of medals in Taekwondo tournament held at National levels, in the last three years. I am the one who has brought 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals in inter-school competitions till now. I was chosen for this prize as my contribution to the school was considered matchless.

The judges had termed my performance as unparalleled. The school authorities had no option but to consider my name above all. You will be happy to know that I will be awarded a cash prize of ₹ 10,000/-, a certificate and a trophy. I wish you could join me in the award winning ceremony, and feel proud that your nephew is doing his best. Please give my kind regards to uncle and love to Raj and Ravi.

Yours lovingly

Question 6.
Do you know about Project Tiger? Undertake research on the same and write a paragraph on the need to protect them.
Project Tiger was launched in 1973, and it is considered as one of the most prime conservation efforts in the country. Project Tiger aimed to conserve the natural habitat of the tiger. The survival of the tiger was looked at from the logic of it being at the apex of the food chain and hence it followed that the natural habitat was to be sustained. Project Tiger suffers from various problems – delayed and inadequate funds, poaching, grazing, encroachment, and inadequacy of staff both in training and in numbers.

It is believed that the true increase in tiger numbers may have been considerably lower. Reports of widespread poaching of tigers in two of the premier Tiger Reserves of North India-Sariska and Ranthambore have been in news recently. Despite all of this, there is little doubt that there was a significant improvement in the situation of the tiger after the launch of Project Tiger. Recently a National Tiger Conservation Authority was established for better management of the project.


Write a short paragraph on the topic ‘Photographs- Some Memories Never Fade’.
A photograph is a gift of science which is always close to heart. Because it contains memories of people near &far. Every photo simple or complex has a story to stay after Becomes fresh in our mind. It is a. creation very small but is full of details, movement &emotions of a person. Photographs are taken from a gadget known as a camera, earlier there were big box shaped camera which had a shutter & could only capture black & white photos. But as time passed by were developments in the camera settings & the quality of photograph as well.

Nowadays photographs clicked from high definition camera are like reality, so beautiful & realistic. It is full of naturalistic feel. Photograph was invented by Joseph Nicephore in 1827. People nowadays hire photographers before some Special event like pre-wedding photo shoot, on the day of the wedding, birthdays get together to capture the special moments for a life time. Nowadays camera is also available on phones which has made our life even easier. We can click photographs anytime anywhere creating memories. There is also an Old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

SECTION – C (Grammar) (10 Marks)

Question 7.
Complete the tasks A – C, as directed.

(A) Complete the following passage by choosing the most appropriate options from the ones given below.

When Wangari Maathai (a) ________ a child more than 50 years ago,the environment was very beautiful and green. When she (b) ________ up, she found that all the local biological diversity, the flora and fauna (c) ________ disappeared.

(a) (i) was
(ii) is
(iii) am
(iv) were
(i) was

(b) (i) grown
(ii) grew
(iii) grow
(iv) growing
(ii) grew

(c) (i) had
(ii) has
(iii) have
(iv) is
(i) had

(B) The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correction in the space provided against the correct blank:

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 9 English Communicative Set 5 with Solutions 1


Error Correction
(a) these those
(b) took take
(c) of off
(d) to with

(C) Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences.

(a) Unless you / you won’t pass / study hard / the exam.
Unless you study hard, you won’t pass the exam.

(b) Although / for a run in the park / he was tired / he decided to go /.
Although he was tired, he decided to go for a run in the park.

(c) Whenever / with a smile / he always greets me. / I see him
Whenever I see him, he always greets me with a smile.

SECTION – D (Literature) (26 Marks)

Read the given excerpts and answer the questions briefly, for ANY TWO excerpts, of the three, given. 4 + 4 = 8

(A) “I am dotted silver threads dropped from heaven
By the gods. Nature then takes me, to adorn
Her fields and valleys.”

(a) ‘I’ refers to ________.
the rain.

(b) What can be inferred from the above lines?
The above lines describe rain as a scattering of dotty silver threads that God scatters from the sky and that nature painstakingly chooses to adorn her fields and valleys. They fall one after the other creating an impression of dotted silver threads.

(c) The figure of speech used is ________.

(B) Oh! I wish I’d looked after me teeth,
And spotted the perils beneath.
All the toffees I chewed,
And the sweet sticky food,
Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth.

(a) ________ spotted the perils beneath’. Beneath what?
Sweet sticky food.

(b) What can be inferred about poet’s teeth through the given lines?
From the given lines it can be inferred that the poet’s teeth have suffered due to neglect and poor dental hygiene. The poet expresses regret for not taking better care of his teeth in the past and suggests that consuming sugary foods like toffees and sweet sticky food may have contributed to his dental problems. The lines highlight the importance of dental care and suggest that neglecting one’s teeth can lead to regrettable consequences.

(c) ‘sweet sticky food’ means ________.
food that imperils teeth.

(C) “No nightingales did ever chant,
More welcome notes to weary bands,
Of travellers in some shady haunt,
Among Arabian Sands.”

(a) Who are the weary bands?
The weary bands are the travellers.

(b) What welcome notes do they hear?
They hear the welcome notes of the nightingale.

(c) Why are the notes of the nightingale welcome.
The nightingale’s song is often associated with beauty and tranquility, and it has been a symbol of hope and comfort for centuries. In this context, the speaker is suggesting that the young woman’s singing is even more beautiful and welcoming than that of a nightingale because it brings comfort and solace to those who hear it. The comparison emphasises the power and beauty of her singing, as well as its ability to inspire and uplift us.

Answer ANY SIX of the following seven questions in about 30 – 40 words each.

(i) To whom does Wordsworth compare the Solitary Reaper?
The poet compares the song of the Solitary Reaper with that of the nightingale and the cuckoo bird. He says that the Solitary Reaper’s voice is far more soothing, melodious and inspiring than these birds.

(ii) Describe the poet’s state of mind as she undergoes dental treatment.
The very idea of the dentist’s drill digging and poking her teeth makes the poet shudder in pain. While lying in the dentist’s chair, she feels very helpless and miserable. Owning the responsibility for ruining her own teeth, she is full of remorse and blames herself for her misery but it is too late.

(iii) Give two reasons to show that Jessie was very proud of her family.
While talking to Pescud and telling him about her family, she referred to her family as ‘The Allyns’. She also said that hers was a proud family, and that her father was a lineal descendant of ‘belted earls’ — those who were invested with a sword by the king himself. She gave the amazing details of the big mansion that the Allyn family had lived in for the last hundred years. All these things show that she was proud of her family.

(iv) How did Duke meet his end?
On the evening of 12 October 1957, the Hoopers had guests as Hooper had got quite well. Suddenly, they heard the screech of brakes outside. When Chuck looked outside, he was awestruck. Duke had met with a serious accident. His injuries were severe and he died. This day brought darkness in the lives of the Hoopers.

(v) Why was the grandmother upset when her granddaughter went to attend the wedding?
As the grandmother was illiterate, she was unable to read the next episode of ‘Kashi Yatre’. She felt embarrassed at asking the villagers to read it for her. So, she felt miserable and dependent without her granddaughter.

(vi) What major Hindu belief did Triveni revolve her story around?
Most Hindus believe that going to Kashi and worshipping Lord Vishweshwara is the ultimate punya. Her story revolved around this desire, which is in the heart of every Hindu.

(vii) Write a note on Bill Bramble’s character.

(vii) Mr. Bramble was a proficient professional boxer who was proud of his skills and liked to be admired and appreciated for his technique in boxing. He was also known as Young Porky. Bill was somewhat rash in taking decisions and he could be easily influenced by others. Bill earned a lot of name and fame but lived with a false identity for the sake of Harold as he loved his family very much.

Answer ANY ONE of the following two questions in about 120 words.

(A) Duke was an extraordinary dog. What special qualities did he exhibit to justify this? Discuss.
Duke, the dog played a very significant role in bringing Chuck out of his critical condition. He was an extraordinary dog having special qualities and was the one who helped Chuck to increase his stability and endurance. He would take Chuck for a walk along the street, increasing the target everyday. He would stand still when Chuck sometimes struggled to get- up after tripping and falling. Even though he was a dog, he had assumed the responsibility of getting Chuck back on his feet, which he successfully did.

Duke was a faithful and a loyal dog with extraordinary powers. He knew how impossible challenges could be accomplished. He nudged, needled, poked and forced his master to walk. He set new goals for him everyday. Chuck’s success is a tribute to his extraordinary dog.


(B) The old lady in ‘Kashi Yatre’, Sudha Murth/s grandmother and Sudha herself share some common values of characters. What values are they? How are they important for our contemporary society?
The principal character of ‘Kashi Yatre’ had an ardent desire to go to Kashi. The grandmother had a similar wish. She identified herself with the protagonist of the novel and followed her story with great interest. Both had a compassionate nature and a bent for spiritual learning. Both are the epitome of love, determination, will power and dedication. The narrator, Sudha herself is a 12-year-old girl and had developed a bond with her grandmother. She too is sincere and hard-working. As a loving teacher, she had gifted her student ‘Kashi Yatre’. She too was caring and respected the feelings of her grandmother. Thus, all the three characters leave a permanent impression of dedication, sacrifice and love on the reader’s mind.

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