CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 Computer Applications Set 3 with Solutions

Students must start practicing the questions from CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 Computer Applications with Solutions Set 3 are designed as per the revised syllabus.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 Computer Applications Set 3 with Solutions

Time Allowed: 90 Minutes
Maximum Marks: 25

General Instructions:

  • The Questions Paper contains three Section A, B and C.
  • Section: A has 20 questions. Attempt any 16 questions.
  • Section: B has 20 questions. Attempt any 16 questions.
  • Section: C has 10 questions. Attempt any 8 questions.
  • All questions carry equal marks.
  • There is no negative marking.

(This section consists of 20 questions of MCQ type. Answer any 16 questions)

Question 1.
Identify the correct statement regarding OSS: [1]
(a) It is available for nominal or zero licensing and usage charges
(b) It can be shared with others freely
(c) It is modifiable
(d) All of the above
(d) All of the above

Explanation: Open source software are the one which can be freely used, modified or redistributed but may or may not be available free of charge.

A free software is the one which gives the user freedom to:

  • Use it for any purpose.
  • To study and change the program according to their own needs.
  • To redistribute the copies of it.
  • To modify and release the new program and its source code for use by the community.

Question 2.
Identify invalid HTML tag from the following list: [1]
(a) <h6> … </h6>
(b) <h4> … </h4>
(c) <h5> … </h5>
(d) <h7> … </h7>
(d) <h7>…<h7>

Explanation: <h#> is heading tag in HTML that is used to render headings of different sizes. <hl> is for the largest heading and <h6> is for the smallest heading.

The headings are rendered generally in larger and bolder font than the rest of the text. The default alignment for <h#> tags is left and can be changed to right or center using the ALIGN attribute.

Caution : The ‘Justified’ alignment is not supported by any browser yet.

Question 3.
…………….. are the rights given to persons over the creations of their minds. [1]
(a) Creative rights
(b) Intellectual property rights
(c) Intellectual creative rights
(d) Creative property rights
(b) Intellectual Property Rights

Explanation: Information is the intellectual property of the creator or the owner. It is this right to decide how much information is shared and to what extent.
Patent, copyright and trademark are the ways to safeguard one’s Intellectual property.

Question 4.
Extension of HTML file is: [1]
(a) .ht
(b) .htl
(c) .html
(d) All of the above
(c) .html

Question 5.
The …………. tag in HTML is used to define that portain of the document which contains information related to the document. [1]
(a) <top>
(b) <head>
(c) <main>
(d) <info>
(b) <head>

Explanation: The <head> tag contains information about the document including its title, scripts used etc.
The <style> tag to specify the external and internal style sheets is also given within the <head> tag.

Caution: The <head> tag is always given between <html> tags.

Question 6.
Identify the correct statement with reference to <P> tag: [1]
(a) It is used within the <BODY> tag.
(b) The <p> tag defines a paragraph.
(c) Browsers automatically add a single blank line before and after each <p> element.
(d) All of the above [1]
(d) ALL of the above

Explanation: <p> tag defines a paragraph within the html document.
The browser doesn’t recognize tab spaces, multiple spaces between the Letters or even the returns. To specify a paragraph i.e. insert a blank line before beginning a new section of the text and to end the previous line <p> tag is used. It is a container tag. Thus all the text between the opening and closing tags is rendered as one single paragraph.

Question 7.
OL stands for:
(a) Organized List
(b) Outstanding List
(c) Ordered List
(d) Overall List [1]
(c) Ordered list

Explanation: Ordered lists are the numbered lists. <ol> tag along with <li> tag is used to create a numbered list.
The numbering in front of each item of an ordered List can be customized in terms of style and beginning number. For this type and start attribute are used.

Question 8.
The ……………… tag defines the terms in the description list. [1]
(a) <DL>
(b) <DT>
(c) <DD>
(d) All of the above
(b) <DT>

Explanation: A description list is defined using <dl> tag along with <dt> and <dd> tags. <dt> tag defines the description term and its definition or description is given within the <dd> tags.
The compact attribute of the <dl> tag is used to add the definition defined with <dd> tag in the same line as the definition term <dt>.

Caution: The definition lists are indented lists. They do not have any numbering or bullets in front of them.

Question 9.
Name the activity of electronically buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet. [1]
(a) Cyber Commerece
(b) e-Commerece
(c) Internet business
(d) Electric commerce
(b) e-Commerce

Explanation: Buying and selling of goods or services is commerce and when it is done electronically it become e-commerce.
e-commerce has brought a lot of options for products and services within the consumers reach from all over the globe.

Question 10.
The <title> element: [1]
(a) defines a title in the browser toolbar
(b) provides a title for the page when it is added to favourites
(c) displays a title for the page in search- engine results
(d) All of the above
(d) All of the above

Explanation: The text defined within the <title> tag is displayed in the browser window as well as in bookmark list. Search engines also search for the relevant web pages using the <title> tag of a web page.
It is very important to give a good title to your web page so that its contents are easily assessed by anyone. A good title must be Descriptive
Not longer than 50-60 characters Not be just a list of words. As accurate and meaningful as possible.

Caution: An HTML document cannot have more than one <title>.

Question 11.
Face, size, color are attributes of which tag? [1]
(a) Text
(b) Font
(c) T
(d) F
(b) Font

Explanation: To change the font type, color and size of the text displayed in the browser <font> tag is used.
A list of font names can be given with the face attribute for the browser to display the text in first available font.

Caution: If none of the fonts given in the font list is supported by the browser the text is rendered in the browser’s default font.

Question 12.
(I) This kind of software is “freely distributed to users on a trial basis”.
(II) There’s a time limitation inherent in the software and would be dectivated when the time period is finished.
(III) One has to pay for the software to use it after the time limit.
Identify the type of software: [1]
(a) OSS
(b) Proprietary
(c) Freeware
(d) Shareware
(d) Shareware

Shareware is not same as Free and Open Source software (FOSS) because its source code is not available for modification. It’s main purpose is to increase the number of perspective users.

Caution: A shareware is distributed with a built in time mechanism which limits the functionality after the trial period.

Question 13.
H in <HR> tag stands for: [1]
(a) Height
(b) Horizontal
(c) Hollow
(d) None of the above
(b) Horizontal

Explanation: <hr> is used to render a horizontal rule across the width of the web page.
The width attribute of the <hr> tag is used to specify the percentage of the browser window across which the horizontal rule will be displayed.

Question 14.
HTML, files can be created using any: [1]
(a) Spreadsheet
(b) Photo editor
(c) Presentation Software
(d) Text editor
(d) Text editor

Explanation: To create html documents any html editor like frontpage. Frontpage Express or a text editor like Notepad can be used.

Question 15.
Select the e-commerce fraud from the following list: [1]
(a) payment fraud
(b) Identify Theft
(c) Phishing
(d) All of the above
(d) All of the above

Explanation: A Payment fraud on an e-commerce site occurs when the site makes you pay for goods that are never delivered. Identity theft occurs when someone gains access to your personal details and uses them either to buy goods from your account or to make payment using your credentials. In Phishing attacks fraudsters redirect the user to a fraudulent site and make them enter their information.

Question 16.
Term ………………. refers to the gap between those who have access to ICT and those who don’t. [1]
(a) Internet Gap
(b) Internet Divide
(c) Digital Divide
(d) Technology Divide
(c) Digital Divide

Explanation: Socio economic reasons such as difference in accessibility of Internet in rural and urban areas, unavailability of facilities due to poor economic conditions and gender bias are the main cause of Digital Divide.

Question 17.
Which of the following will come under I PR? [1]
(a) Trademark
(b) Patent
(c) Copyright
(d) All of these
(d) All of the above

Explanation: To protect one’s intellectual property a person can go for patent, copyright and trademark.

Question 18.
A unique symbol or word used to represent a business or its products is known as: [1]
(a) Patent
(b) Trademark
(c) Copyright
(d) None of these
(b) Trademark

Explanation: Words, Phrases, designs, symbols together or any one or a combination of these that identify some goods or services are termed as trademark. A patent protects a new invention, thought or idea. Copyrights protect original works of an authorship of writings, arts or architectures.
All these are Intellectual properties.

Question 19.
The tag inserts a single line break. [1]
(a) <break>
(b) <br>
(c) <line>
(d) <new line>
(b) <br>

Explanation: A web browser doesn’t recognizes the tab spaces, more than one space between the letters or the returns. So to render the following text to the next line <br> tag is used.
<br> is an empty tag and induces a line break within the text.

Question 20.
…………… attribute of <BODY> tag is used to specify the color of the linked text. [1]
(a) Icolor
(b) clink
(c) linkcolor
(d) link
(d) link

Explanation: hyperlinks or hypertext are displayed in blue colour by default. This can be changed using the link attribute of the <body> tag.
alink is used to specify the colour of the active link and vlink is used to specify the colour of the visited link on a web page.

Caution: link, alink and vlink attributes are not supported in HTML5.

(This section contain of 20 questions. Answer any 16 questions)

Question 21.
Manish has copied the information from the resources available on the internet for his article without acknowledging the original source or taking the permission from the original creator. This unethical act is termed as: [1]
(a) Phishing
(b) Plagiarism
(c) Spying
(d) identify theft
(b) Plagiarism

Explanation: Using or reproducing infor¬mation without citing the original creator or owner is termed as Plagiarism.

Question 22.
Rajesh, an IT club volunteer of the school, needs to add a picture of ‘Green Earth’ in the center of a webpage designed to spread awarness on saving the environement. Help him in choosing the correct HTML command for the same: [1]
(b) <IMAGE>
(c) <IMG>
(d) <PICT>
(c) <IMG>

Explanation: <IMG> tag is used to insert an image on a web page. Src attribute of the <IMG> tag specifies the location and name of the image to be displayed.

Question 23.
Encryption is one of the most prominent technique used for: [1]
(a) fast data transmission
(b) secure data transmission
(c) far away data transmission
(d) free data transmission
(b) secure data transmission

Explanation: One of the major concerns in data transmission is the security. To ensure secure data transmission encryption techniques are used.

Question 24.
Ms. Sandhya, vocational subject teacher in a public school, has shown the following list of few of the skill courses offered by CBSE to the students to take their preference: [1]

  • Retail
  • Information Technology
  • Security
  • Automotive

Above shown list is an example of ……….. HTML list.
(a) unodered
(b) ordered
(c) description
(d) definition
(a) unordered

Explanation: Bulleted or unnumbered lists are known as unordered lists.
<ul> tag along with <li> tag is used to create unordered lists in HTML, type attribute of <ul>tag is used to specify the type of bullet.

Caution: The default bullet style is disc.

Question 25.
In reference to comments in HTML document, identify the correct statement: [1]
(a) Comment line is ignored by the web browser.
(b) It is a good practice to add comments into your HTML code
(c) It helps to understand the code and increases code readability.
(d) All of the above
(d) All of the above

Explanation: A comment in HTML document is that line of code which is added to increase the readability of the code and helps in undersanding the code easily. These as such have no meaning for the browser so are ignored by it.
The text to be included as comment is given between <!-and –>

Question 26.
GIMP, Mozilla Firefox, GNU/Linux, Python etc. come under: [1]
(a) Freeware
(b) FOSS
(c) Shareware
(d) Proprietary
(a) Freeware

Explanation: All these softwares are available for use free of charge so all these are freeware.

Question 27.
Sneha wants ‘B’ as first numbering in her HTML lists instead of‘A’. Identify the most suitable attribute to specify the same: [1]
(a) first
(b) start
(c) initial
(d) Not possible
(b) start

Explanation: In an ordered HTML list the list can start form any number. For this start attribute is used with the <ol> tag. To start the list with ‘B’ the code will be:
<ul type =”A” start =2>

Question 28.
Sajal has just started tearing web page designing through HTML. Help him in identifying the incorrect statement regarding HEAD tag from the following: [1]
(a) It is used to define the head portion of the document which contains information related to the document.
(b) No other tag can be used inside HEAD . block.
(c) <TITLE> … </TITLE> tag is used inside HEAD block.
(d) All of the above.
(b) No other tag can be used inside HEAD block.

Explanation: <title> tag is always given between <head> tags. Also the <style> tag to define css is given between <head> tag.

Question 29.
The process of converting the original representation of the information (plaintext), into an alternative form (ciphertext) is known as: [1]
(a) Encryption
(b) Decryption
(c) Phishing
(d) Plagiarsim
(a) Encryption

The process of converting text into coded form is encryption and converting the coded text back to the original text is decryption. Encryption generates an encryption key that is used to decrypt the text. Caesar Cipher is the most commonly used Encryption technique.

Question 30.
Shambhavi is designing a HTML FORM to collect user’s responses. Suggest her a suitable FORM element to take the entry of user’s place of birth: [1]
(a) Check Box
(b) Password field
(c) Radio button
(d) Combo Box
(d) Combo Box.

Explanation: A combo box is created when there is a list of options to be selected.
It is also called a Select Box or Select List box

Question 31.
I am: [1]

  • A square box
  • Ticked when selected
  • One or more options can be selected from the choice given by me Who am I?

(a) Radio Button
(b) Text Box
(c) Check Box
(d) Combo Box
(c) Check Box

Explanation: A checkbox is created when more than one options can be selected. The seLected options display a tick mark in the square box in front of them.

Question 32.
Razia, a class X student, is a beginner in the field of web designing. Help her in identifying the attribute which is not related to <BODY> tag: [1]
(a) src
(b) background
(c) bgcolor
(d) text
(a) src

Explanation: <body> tag in HTML is used to specify the contents of the web page. All the text given between the opening and closing <body> tag is displayed on the web page. It can have the following attributes:
Background: to give the background image to a web page
Bgcolor: to specify the background colour of the page.
Text: to specify the colour of the text
Link: to specify the colour of the hyperlinks displayed on the web page.

Question 33.
Statement 1: FOSS is more user friendly as compared to Proprietary software.
Statement 2 : Proprietary software allows developers across the globe to participate in the ongoing development of the software.
Select the best option from the list given below to understand the correctness of both the statements: [1]
(a) Both statements are correct.
(b) Statement 1- Correct & Statement 2 – Incorrect
(c) Statement 1- Incorrect & Statement 2 – Correct
(d) Statement 1- Incorrect & Statement 2 – Incorrect 1
(b) Statement 1 – Correct & statement 2 – Incorrect.

Explanation: FOSS is free and open source software, which means that it is available for free and its source code is available for modification and redistribution. The source code of Proprietary software is not available and it is available for use for some fees.
Shareware is the software that is available for free for some time and then a fees has to be paid for further use.

Caution: An Open Source Software may be available free or for some nominal fees.

Question 34.
Which of the following is Privacy threats to e-commerece? [1]
(a) Password theft
(b) Identify theft
(c) Phishing
(d) All of the above
(d) All of the above

Explanation: Password theft, identity theft and phishing attacks are most common privacy threats in e-commerce as all these can lead to the personal data of the user being misused.
Password theft can lead to someone being able to access user’s e-commerce account on merchant site and use it for personal gains. Identity theft in the form of stealing bank account or credit card details will lead to someone else using the credentials for their own shopping or other financial gains. Phishing attcks can lead users to enter their credentials in a fraudulent site and losing the privacy of their data.

Question 35.
By mistake, Raj has jumbled up a few tags and their attributes. Help him by choosing correct option for tags and their corrosponding attributes: [1]

(A) font(I) src
(B) body(II) face
(C) img(III) text

(a) (II) (III) (I)

Explanation: face attribute of <font> tag is used to specify the type of font, <body> tag has text attribute to specify the colour of the text displayed within the body of the web page . <img> tag takes the attribute src to specify the source of the image.

Question 36.
The ……………. tag represents the root of an HTML document. [1]
(a) <root>
(b) <html>
(c) <first>
(d) <main>
(b) <html>

Explanation: <html> represents the top most level of an HTML document, so it is known as the root of the document.

Question 37.
R is IPR stands for: [1]
(a) Role
(b) Rights
(c) Rango
(d) RAM
(b) Rights

Explanation: IPR stands Intellectual Property Rights. These are the rights given to the creator/owner of an intellectual Property to decide the extent and use of his creation.

Question 38.
Romal, a chemical analyst, is designing a webpage of the company, which may contain the chemical formulas of water H<sub>2</sub>O. Which tag should she use to display 2 little bits below the normal line?
(a) <lower>
(b) <subscript>
(c) <sub>
(d) No tag is avaiable in HTML for it.
(c) <sub>

Explanation: 2 in H<sub>2</sub>O is subscript so the <sub> tag is used.
To display a text slightly above the normal line of text superscript is used. <sup> tag is for superscript, e.g to display H20 the code will be H<sub>2</ sub>O.
To display x2 the code will be x<sup>2</sup>.

Caution: Both <sub> and <sup> are container elements. This means both opening and closing tags are required. The text between the opening and closing tag only will be displayed as subscript or superscript.

Question 39.
A webpage can be accessed by a: [1]
(a) Text editor
(b) Spreadsheet
(c) Web browser
(d) Office applications
(c) Web browser

Explanation: A webpage is rendered by e web browser.

Question 40.
The tag is an empty tag and it dose not require closing tag. [1]
(a) <table>
(b) <hr>
(c) <form>
(d) <font>
(b) <hr>

Explanation: <table>, <form> and <font> all require a closing tag. The text between the opening and dosing tags is considered to be formatted as per the corresponding tag.

<hr> is horizontal rule and it draws a horizontal line across the width of the web page. <hr> tag has following attributes:
Size – to specify the thickness of the line in pixels
Width – to specify the width of the page to be covered by the line. It is given as the percentage of the browser window’s size.
Noshade- to specify that the line should be renderd in one single solid colour.
Color- to specify the colour of the line.

(Section C consists of 10 questions. Any 8 questions are to be attempted.)
Case study based question

Case Study-1
Nowadays we spend more time in the cyber world. Anyone who uses digital technology along with the Internet is a digital citizen or netizen. Being a good netizen means practicing safe, ethical and legal use of digital tecnology. A responsible netizen must abide by net etiquettes, communication etiquettes and social media etiquettes.
We follow certain etiquettes during our social interactions. Similarly, we need to exhibit proper manners and etiquettes while being online. One should be ethical, respectful and responsible while surfing the Internet. We should not use copyrighted materials without the permission of the creator or owner. In a group or public forum, we should respect the diversity of the pople in terms of knowledge, experience, culture and other aspects.
Based on the above topic, answer the questions No. 41 – 45.

Question 41.
Identify the net etiquette which every netizen should follow:
(a) One should be responsible
(b) One should be ethical
(c) One should be respectful
(d) All of the above
Not examinable for 2024 exam.

Question 42.
Being ethical in the cyber world means: [1]
(a) We should share information in the cyber world
(b) We should not use copyrighted materials without the permission of the creator or owner.
(c) We should further forward the information without checking its reliability at our own end.
(d) All of the above
Not examinable for 2024 exam.

Question 43.
Being respectful in the cyber world means: [1]
(a) We should respect different opinion of others
(b) We should use respectful language
(c) We should respect others privacy
(d) All of the above
Not examinable for 2024 exam.

Question 44.
A netizen will be considered very irresponsible in nature if he or she: [1]
(a) Feed the troll
(b) Avoid cyber bullying
(c) Checks the details before befriending on social media
(d) All of the above
Not examinable for 2024 exam.

Question 45.
Person who spends more time in the cyber world may be termed as: [1]
(a) Netizen
(b) C-Citizen
(c) D-Citizen
(d) All of the above
Not examinable for 2024 exam.

Case Study-2
Carefully observe the following screenshot.

Based on the screenshot shown above, attempt the question number 46-50.

Question 46.
An HTML ……….. is used to collect user input. [1]
(a) Frame
(b) Table
(c) Box
(d) Form
(d) Form

Explanation: HTML forms are a means by which a net surfer can be prompted for some information and get that information from the user.
An HTML form is that part of an HTML document that contains controls such as text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, list boxes, spinners, command buttons etc.

Caution: All the controls of a form are defined within the <form> tag.

Question 47.
HTML element to create the box to accept the candidate’s Name: [1]
(a) <ACCEPT>
(b) <INPUT>
(c) <NAME>
(d) <BOX>
(b) <input>

Explanation: <input> tag creates single line input text boxes.
To create an input text box the syntax is :
<input type=”text” name=” name for the text box”> Other attributes of <input> tag are Value – to provide an initial value in the text box when the form loads
Size – to specify the length of the text box in terms of number of characters.
Maxlength – to specify the maximum number of characters a user can enter.
Name – to specify the name to be sent to the server.

Question 48.
Correct attribute ‘Value’ pair to create the box to accept the candidate’s Name. [1]
(a) type = “text”
(b) types “name”
(c) accept = “text”
(d) accept = “name”
(a) type=”text”

Explanation: <input> tag takes the attribute type to specify the type of input control to be rendered. .
The type attribute of<input> tag can have values:
“password” – to render a text box to accept a password.
“radio” – to create radio buttons
“checkbox” – to create check boxes

Question 49.
Choose the correct HTML control to create the text box having label as “Perferred User id”: [1]
(a) Id Box
(b) Id field
(c) Text field
(d) Password filed
(c) Text field

Explanation: The type of control doesn’t depend upon the label of the box. Use id is always a single line text box, so a text field needs to be created here.

Question 50.
HTML element to create the box to accept the Secret Password: [1]
(a) <ACCEPT>
(b) <INPUT>
(c) <NAME>
(d) <BOX>
(b) <INPUT>

Explanation: To accept password or any other secret code the <input> tag is used with type value as “password”.
Whenever a password box is created, the user input is replaed by dots at the time of input.


Time Allowed: 2 Hours
Maximum Marks: 25

General Instructions:

  • This question paper contains three sections – A, B and C. Each section is compulsory.
  • Section A has 4 short Answer Type Questions. Each question is of 2 marks. Internal choice is provided in I question.
  • Section B has 3 Long Answer Typed (LA-I) Questions. Each question is of 3 marks. Internal choice is provided in 1 question.
  • Section C has 2 Long Answer Type-ll (LA-II) Questions. Each question is of 4 marks.

SECTION – A (8 Marks)
(This section has 4 short Answer Type Questions.
Each question is of 2 marks. Internal choice is provided in 1 question.)

Question 1.
Gulzar is a talented musician. He is trying to create a web page so as to share his creations with music lovers across the world. He wants to embed audio and video files in the web page with the following specifications: [1]
To embed audio files:
(I) The name of video file is Gulzar Notel. mp3
(II) The audio should start playing automatically when the page loads.
(III) The audio controls such as Play, Pause and Volume should be visible.

To embed video files:
(I) The name of video file is Gulzar Moviel. mp4
(II) The video should play in a window of width 350 pixels and height 250 pixels.
(III) The video controls such as Play, Pause and Volume should be visible.
To complete the task, Gulzar has written the following HTML code:
To embed audio:

<audio controls autoplay>
<source sre = “GulzarNotel.mp3”>
</audio controls>

To embed video:

<video width = “350” height = “250”>
<source src = “Gulzar Moviel mp4”>

Gulzar is not getting the desired output as the code contains errors. Rewrite the correct statements to help him to complete the task. Underline all the corrections made. [2]
To embed audio:

<audio controls autoplay>
<source src=”GulzarNotel.mp3’’ type= ”audio/mpeg">

To embed video:

<video width=”350" height=”250” controls >
<source src=" type= ”video/mp4">

Syntax of audio tag

<audio controls autoplay>
<source src= " type= “MIME type">

In the above syntax, Controls attribute allows the user to control audio playback, including volume, seeking, and pause/resume playback. Autoplay attribute, if specified, will automatically begin to play back as soon as it completes loading the data. The Type attribute of <source> tag specifies the Internet media type (formerly known as MIME type) of the media resource i.e. ‘audio/ mpeg’ or ‘audio/ogg’.

Syntax of video tag:

<video width=”value" height="value" controls>
<source src=“url" type="MIME type">

In the above syntax, Controls attribute allows the user to playback video, including volume, seeking, and pause/resume playback. The Height and Width attribute specifies the height and width of the video’s display area, in pixels.
The Type attribute of <source> tag specifies the Internet media type of the media resource i.e. video/ogg’, ‘video/mp4’ or ‘video/ webm’.

Question 2.
(A) Differentiate between the terms Web Site and Web Page.
(B) What is a Web Browser? Write the names of any two commonly used Web Browsers. [2]
(A) Difference between Website and web page are as follows:

Web siteWeb page
Web site is a collection of related web pages.A web page is a single page or document of a website.
All the web pages together form the content of a website.A web page contaions content related to a particular topic and links to other web pages.
A website refers to a central location on a Webserver that contains more than one web page.A webpage is a single digital document

(B) A web browser is a software application that renders web pages on client computer. It works as an interface between the server and the client computer.
Two commonly used web browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Question 3.
Rohan is creating a Web page in HTML.
He wants to insert a link in his Web page to appear with the text as “Click to Open” which on clicking should open the URL named ‘ in a new window. Help him to write the HTML code to create the hyperlink [2]

<a href = “ target="_blank’’> Click to open </a>

Explanation: The anchor tag <a> is used to create links to other web page, href attribute is used to specify the name of the file or URL to which you want to link, target attribute specifies where to open the document. The value “_blank” opens the document in a new window or tab where as “_self” opens the document in the same frame.

Question 4.
Write any two differences between the Outline and Border-style properties of CSS. [2]
Differences between Outline and Border style properties of CSS are:

Outline is a line drawn around the elements border.Border is a boundary line around the content.
There is no gap between an outline and the content.There is a gap between the border and the content.
An outline is the same on all sides, i.e. the width, colour and style cannot be set differently for each edge.A border allows to set different width, colour and style for each edge, i.e. top and bottom borders can have different styles.

SECTION B (9 Marks)
(This section has 3 Long Answer Type-1 (LA-1) Questions.
Each question is of 3 marks. Internal choice is provided in 1 question.)

Question 5.
Expand the following in the context of Internet Protocols:
(B) POP3
Write the difference between SMTP and POP3. [3]
A) SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

(B) POP3 – Post Office ProtocoL version 3
Difference between SMTP and POP3 is as follows:

This protocol is used for sending e-mails.This protocol is used for receiving e-mails.
It transfers the mail from sender’s computer to the mail box present on receiver’s mail server.It allows to retrieve and organise mails from mailbox on receiver’s mail server to receiver’s computer.

Question 6.
What is e-Governance? Explain any two merits of e-Governance. [3]
E-governance can be defined as an application of Information and Communication Technology for providing government services electronically. It includes exchange of information, transactions, integration of previously existing services and information portals.
Merits of e-governance are as follows:

  • It has increased the speed of administration of services and information.
  • Public participation in various government programmes has increased.
  • It has made government administration more transparent and accountable. (Any two)

Question 7.
(A) Differentiate between a Web Address and an Email Address. Write an example of each to illustrate the difference.
(B) Expand the terms SMS and MMS in the context of Mobile Technologies. Differentiate between SMS and MMS in the context of Mobile Technologies. [3]
(A) Differences between web address and email address are as follows:

Web AddressE-Mail address
Web address is the location of a web page on WWW.Email address identifies a mail account on mail server.
A web address consists of protocol type, domain name and path of web page on the server.An email address consists of a user name and domain name.

(B) SMS – Short Message Service
MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service
Differences between SMS and MMS are as follows:

SMS is a text messaging service that allows to send text messages from one mobile device to another upto a limit of 160 characters.MMS is a standard way of sending multimedia content in form of messages from one mobile device to other.
Any mobile device can be used to send and recieve SMS.To send and recieve MMS a multimedia enabled device is required.

(This section has 2 Long Answer Type-ll (LA-11) Questions.
Each question is of 4 marks. Questions no 8 is of case-based type.)

Question 8.
Read the case study given below and attempt any 4 sub-questions (out of 5), Each sub-question carries 1 mark.
Bidya is a nurse in XYZ hospital. Owing to the emergency situation due to COVID-19, she needs to commuincate in almost real¬time with the Medical Superintendent about the status of the patients. The hosptial has provided her a laptop, web camera and other accessories for communication purpose.
(A) As instructed by the Medical Superintendent, Bidya has to send the RT-PCR reports of some patients who have tested negative to their respetive family membrs using her laptop. Which web service should she avail?
(B) Bidya wants to establish a connection, with the remote computer of pathology lab in the city, so that she can see the RT-PCR reports of her patients. Which protocol will be used for the same?
(C) Bidya has also been instructed by the Medical Superintendent to upload the RT-PCR reports in the Hospital’s Data Server. Which Internet protocol shall be used during this process of uploading the reports into the Hospital’s Server?
(D) The Medical Superintendent has asked Bidya to inform about the billing and pament details of the admitted patients. Bidya needs to securely access the details from the Hospital’s server using her Admin Login Credentials. Which secured network protocol is she using to access the account details for the patients?
(E) Bidya, during her free time, likes to browse the Internet for products available for online shopping. Which internet protocol does Bidya use while browsing for such products? [4]
(a) E-mail
Explanation: An email is a service of sending or receiving mails over the internet

(b) Telnet/SSH
Explanation: Telnet is protocol used for creating a connection with a remote computer. SSH (Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell) is a network protocol that gives users and system administrators a secure way to access computer over an unsecured network.

(c) FTP
Explanation: FTP is a standard network protocol used for the transfer of files between client computer and server on a network.

Explanation: HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is a secured version of HTTP. It is enhanced version of HTTP working with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and it takes care of ensuring that the data goes securely over the internet.

(e) HTTP
Explanation: HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is the set of rules for transferring hypertext (i.e. text, graphic, image sound, video etc.) on World Wide Web.

Question 9.
Write the HTML code to design a Web page as shown below:
Consider the specifications as given below. Students can write the code for any 4 specifications out of the given 5 specifications.
Specification-1: Use CSS to set the following for, the entire body:

  • Text color of the entire page as Tomato.
  • Background color of the entire page as Light blue.
  • Font-family as Helvetica.

Specification-2: The value of the table border attribute should be 1. Table header tag should be used wherever required.
Specification-3: The table should exactly contain 4 rows and 4 columns. The data in each cell should be as shown in the above table.
Specification-4: Attribute rowspan should be used wherever required.
Specification-5: Attribute colspan should be used wherever required.

<title> Question 9</title>
color: tomato;
background-color: lightblue;
font-family: helvetica;
<table border=1>
<th> Roll No. </th>
<th> Name </th>
<th> Marks </th>
<th> Class Average </th> </tr>
<td> 1 </td>
<td> Amit </td>
<td> 95 </td>
<td rowspan=3 valign=middle> 95.5 </td>
<td> 2 </td>
<td> Angel </td>
<td> 96 </td>
<td colspan=3> Teacher Mr. Hamid </td>

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