Canada Carbon Rebate Amount for 2024-25: Province-wise list is here!

The Canada Carbon Rebate amounts for 2024-25 have been announced by the federal government. In 2024–2025, a family of four will earn up to $1,800 under the basic Canada Carbon Rebate in provinces where the federal fuel charge is applicable.

Canada Carbon Rebate amount for 2024-25

The amount you receive depends on several factors, including:

  • Province of residence: Different provinces have varying fuel charge rates, thus impacting the rebate amount.
  • Household size: Larger families receive higher rebates to reflect increased energy consumption.
  • Rural residency: Individuals residing in rural areas qualify for an additional top-up to offset higher energy costs due to limited access to alternative transportation options.

Base rebate amounts for different provinces:

Province Family of Four Individual (First Adult) Individual (Second Adult) Child
Alberta $1,800 $450 $225 $56.25
Saskatchewan $1,504 $376 $188 $47
Manitoba $1,200 $300 $150 $37.50
Ontario $1,120 $280 $140 $35
Newfoundland and Labrador $1,192 $298 $149 $37.25
Prince Edward Island $880 $220 $110 $27.50
Nova Scotia $824 $206 $103 $25.75
New Brunswick $760 $190 $95 $23.75

Starting in 2024-25, the rural top-up has been doubled from 10% to 20% of the base rebate. This means eligible rural residents can receive an additional boost to their rebate amount.

Canada Carbon Rebate Eligibility

To be eligible for the Canada Carbon Rebate:

Canada Carbon Rebate amount

  • Residency: You must be a resident of Canada on the first day of the payment month.
  • Age: You must be 19 years old or older at the start of the payment month (except in limited circumstances – see below).
  • Tax Filing: You must have filed your income tax and benefit return for the previous tax year by the deadline.
  • Province: You must reside in a province that applies the federal fuel charge (excluding provinces with their own carbon pricing systems like BC and Quebec).
  • Income: Your individual or family income must fall within the eligibility thresholds based on your household size and province.


  • Individuals under 19: You can still qualify if you have or had a spouse/common-law partner, or are a parent living with a child.
  • New Residents: If you recently moved to Canada, you need to apply for the rebate separately.

Canada Carbon Rebate income Threshold

The Canada Carbon Rebate (CCR) doesn’t have a single income threshold for all Canadians. Instead, eligibility depends on two factors:

  • Your province of residence: Different provinces have varying fuel charge rates, impacting the threshold at which the rebate offers no benefit.
  • Your household size: Larger families have higher thresholds to account for increased energy consumption.

This table clarifies how the income threshold works:

Province Family of Four Threshold Individual (First Adult) Threshold Individual (Second Adult) Threshold
Alberta $116,939 $60,720 $30,360
Saskatchewan $90,705 $46,894 $23,447
Manitoba $76,472 $39,646 $19,823
Ontario $72,208 $37,385 $18,692
New Brunswick $70,424 $36,400 $18,200
Prince Edward Island $55,280 $28,704 $14,352
Nova Scotia $51,712 $27,016 $13,508
Newfoundland and Labrador $57,744 $29,904 $14,952

How long does it take to receive the Canada carbon rebate?

The processing and receipt timeframe for the Canada Carbon Rebate (CCR) depends on several factors:

When you filed your taxes:

  • The rebate is issued based on your previous year’s tax return, so filing it earlier ensures faster processing.

Your chosen payment method:

  • Direct deposit: If you opt for direct deposit, you’ll typically receive the rebate within 5 business days after the payment date.
  • Cheque: Cheques are mailed and can take longer to arrive, depending on postal service timelines.

Payment schedule:

The CCR is issued in four equal instalments throughout the year: April, July, October, and January. Therefore, the waiting period varies depending on when you fall within these payment cycles.

Scenario Waiting Time
Filed taxes before March 15th of the payment year Generally within 5 business days after the payment date (April 15th, July 15th, October 15th, January 15th)
Filed taxes after March 15th of the payment year Up to 6 weeks to process, then follow standard waiting times depending on chosen payment method

How to check the status of your Canada Carbon rebate 2024-25?

Seps to check the status of your Canada Carbon Rebate:

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) My Account:

  • This is the recommended and most efficient method.
  • Visit the CRA website and log in to your My Account using your My Service Account or GCKey credentials.
    • For individuals: Log in using your My Account ID and password.
    • For businesses: Use your business identifier and password.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the “Benefits and Credits” section and select “Canada Carbon Rebate (Climate Action Incentive Payment)”.
  • You’ll be able to see your eligibility, estimated payment amounts, and payment history, including the status of your current and past rebates.

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