Bifacial solar panels will be available for ₹25 per watt

Bifacial solar panels will be available for ₹25 per watt

As the technology of solar panels has improved, the price of solar panels has also increased. For example, poly crystal line solar panels were used for the first time, which is the oldest technology and that is why they were available very cheaply. Later, you got to see monocrystalline solar panels whose efficiency was more than polycrystalline line, hence their price was also a little lower. C was higher. And the bifacial solar panels that came later had the highest efficiency and hence were the most expensive.

But in the recent past, the prices of all solar panels have come down significantly and now you can get technology like bifacial at a much lower price. Earlier, you used to get full crystal line solar panels at around Rs 25 to 28 per watt. Now you will get solar panels of Bifacial Technology at this price and you can also buy it online from websites like Amazon.

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Bifacial solar panels will be available for ₹25 per watt

The solar panel we are talking about is from WAAREE company and you can buy it online from Amazon for less than ₹ 25 per watt. The link to buy it is also given below. Here you get the option to buy many different solar panels from Waaree company.

If you want to buy solar panels of 1 kilo watt at the lowest price, then you will get two 520w solar panels of Vari company for only ₹ 24000, which will also cost less than ₹ 24 per watt. But these are Mono Perc Half The solar panels are of Cut technology. If you want solar panels with bifacial technology, then their price is mentioned below.

Waaree solar panel 535 watt price

WAAREE Solar Panel: You will get 2 solar panels of 535 Watt each for Rs 25399, which you can use for 1 kilo watt solar system.

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Waaree solar panel 540 watt price

If you want to get a slightly bigger solar panel, which you get with a capacity of 540w, then you will get two 540w solar panels of your company on Amazon for Rs 25999 and this is also a solar panel of bifacial technology. Which is the latest technology.

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Waaree solar panel 550 watt price

Similarly, if you want to buy even bigger solar panels, then you will get these two 550w solar panels on Amazon only for Rs 25999 and you are also getting these solar panels for less than Rs 25 per watt.

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Note: The company can change the prices mentioned here at any time.

Electrical Characteristics

model Pmax(W) Vmp (V) (A) Isc(A) Voc (V) Module Eff. ,
WSM-515 515 388.3 40.99 37.70 12.57 10.29 13.49 10.89 48.86 45.80 20.01
WSM-520 520 391.9 41.14 37.90 12.65 10.34 13.55 10.94 49.01 46.00 20.20
WSM-525 525 395.6 41.29 38.00 12.73 10.40 13.63 11.00 49.16 46.10 20.39
WSM-530 530 399.2 41.45 38.20 12.80 10.45 13.69 11.05 49.31 46.20 20.59
WSM-535 535 403.1 41.60 38.40 12.88 10.51 13.76 11.11 49.46 46.40 20.78
WSM-540 540 406.7 41.75 38.50 12.95 10.56 13.83 11.16 49.61 46.50 20.98
WSM-545 545 410.4 41.90 38.70 13.02 10.62 13.90 11.22 49.76 46.70 21.17

Mechanical characteristics

Length 2272 mm (L) X 1133 mm (W) X 35 mm (T)
weight 27.5 kg
Solar cells per module (units)/arrangement 144 cells / (12×6 || 12×6)
Solar cell types and sizes MONO PERC, 91 X 182 mm
wind shear 3.2mm low iron and tempered glass with ARC coating
Encapsulate PID free and UV resistant
Junction Box (Protection Degree/Material) IP68/Weatherproof PPO
Cables and connectors (protection degree/type) IP68 rated / MC4 compatible
Cable cross-section and length 4 mm2 and 500 mm
frame anodized aluminum alloy

thermal characteristics

Temperature coefficient of current (Isc), α (%/ºC) 0.05
Voltage Temperature Coefficient (Voc), ß (%/ºC) -0.25
Temperature coefficient of power (PM), Γ (%/ºC) -0.34
NOCT(ºC) 43 ± 2
Operating Temperature Range(ºC) -40 to 85

Product Features:

  • Highest reliability and advanced crack tolerant MBB module
  • Module using half cut cells for optimal performance
  • Highly efficient mono PERC M10 cell
  • Highest commercial profit, low LCOE
  • Split junction box improves heat dissipation
  • Increase shade tolerance
  • Best in class thermal co-efficiency

Benefits of bifacial solar panels

More power output: Bifacial solar panel works from both the sides, hence it can generate 5% to 30% more electricity than normal solar panel.

More energy in less space: Bifacial panel can convey more power in less space, hence wherever there is shortage of space. Bifacial solar panels are better for there.

More efficiency: The efficiency of bifacial solar panels is high, hence it can generate a lot of electricity even in sunny and cloudy days.

So, if you also want to install solar panel of latest technology on the roof of your house, then now you have a chance, now the price of solar panel is lowest, so you can get solar system installed in your house at the lowest price.

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