Bharat Bandh Date 2024 – Reason behind it, and complete plan of Farmers for it!

Punjab Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee is heading to Delhi today with multiple farmers associations and they have called for Bharat Bandh 2024. The general secretary of the Kisan Mazdoor Committee has announced the route, demands of the farmers, and plan for the protest. 

Bharat Bandh Date 2024

The farmers from multiple associations are heading to Delhi to conduct the Delhi Chalo March from Haryana to Delhi on Feb 13 2024 to put their demands to the central government of India. 

Amidst this protest, the Kisan Mazdoor Morcha and Samyukat Kisna called for Bharat Bandh on Feb 16, 2024. They have issued guidelines for the Gramin Bharat Bandh scheduled to be held in the next three days on 16 Feb. 

The borders of Haryana and Punjab are sealed by the Police officials to stop the protests, Delhi police have announced various guidelines.  

Section 144 is imposed on Delhi and Haryana, where the gathering of five or more people is prohibited. 

From February 11 to 13, the Haryana government suspended internet services and bulk SMS services in seven districts of Haryana.

Reason for the Gramin Bharat Bandh 2024

The nationwide bandh is called by the farmers’ association to remind the central government about the promises they made during the 2020 13-month protests around Delhi. 

The farmer leader Rakesh Tikait said the main reason for the protest was the non-implementation of MSP law. The other reason includes:

  • Unemployment
  • Pension Scheme for farmers
  • Agniveer Scheme

Demands of the Protesting Farmers Association:

  • The demands of the SKM include pensions to farmers, the issues of employees’ implementation of OPS, and the withdrawal of amendments to labor laws. 
  • They will demand a monthly Rs 26,000 wage for workers, guaranteed employment as a fundamental right, revocation of four labor codes, no contraction of the workforce, stopping the privatization of PSUs, and fixed-term employment.
  • The protesters are also insisting on making MGNREGS daily wage Rs 600 with 200 days of work per individual every year. 
  • The demand includes social security and pensions for all individuals in informal and formal sectors.

Bharat Bandh

Complete Plan for Bharat Bandh

The farmer associations have shared the plan of the Bharat Bandh about what they will do and what they urge the farmers and people to follow:

  • According to the Kisan committees, the Bharat Bandh will be followed on 16 Feb from 6:PM to 4:00 PM, where farmers will practice a chakka jam nationwide on main roads. 
  • According to the farmers association, Punjab’s various highways can be closed for 4 hours.
  • The SKM leaders stated that the purchase and supply of vegetables and other grains and crops will be suspended on Bharat Bandh.
  • They requested the people to close the village shops and stop all agricultural activities, rural works, and MNREGA works.
  • They have also urged the people to close grain markets, rural industrial, private sector entities, and vegetable markets to remain closed on the nationwide bandh.
  • According to reports, roadway employees have also joined the protest, so public transport will not be available.
  • The members of SKM have planned to perform nukkad natak, songs, and poetry during the protest to show their demands and the situation of farmers and workers due to which this protest is being carried out.

Other Unions that Joined the Bharat Bandh

Many unions and associations have joined the Bharat Bandh due to which the public can face many problems. Let’s see which other unions have joined the protest of farmers and the call for Bharat Bandh 2024:

  • Govt. Employees and trade Unions: Government employees have announced that they will join the Bharat Bandh for the nullification of the old pension scheme and the formation of the 8th pay scale commission. They are also demanding the regulation of contractual employees to look into their sufferings.
  • The roadway employees of Haryana Sanjha Morcha have joined the protest demanding the discontinuation of new panel provisions that are formed for the hit-and-run cases in the Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita. They are also demanding the restoration of the pension scheme and a rise in the wages of roadways employees.

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