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Examples of Auxiliary Verbs and their use in Example Sentences  


Auxiliary Verbs Examples Auxiliary verbs are versatile words that play a crucial role in shaping the structure and meaning of our expressions. In this article, we delve into the realm of auxiliary verbs, exploring their diverse functions and unveiling the way in which they assist the main verb. From helping to form tenses to indicating probability and necessity, auxiliary verbs are the linchpin that hold the intricacies of English grammar together. Through a comprehensive exploration of example sentences of auxiliary verbs, we unravel the various roles auxiliary verbs play, empowering us to navigate the linguistic landscape with greater clarity and precision. Join us in unraveling the mysteries of auxiliary verbs and discover how these unassuming words wield immense power in the construction of articulate and grammatically sound sentences.


Examples of Auxiliary Verbs

      • am
      • is
      • are
      • was
      • were
      • be
      • being
      • been
    • can
    • could
    • may
    • might
    • shall
    • should
    • will
    • would
    • must

Example sentences with auxiliary verbs


      • I am going to the library.
      • She is a talented guitarist.
      • We were at the market yesterday.
      • They were happy to see the performance.
      • Be careful with that glass.
    • To have:
      • I have a meeting at 6 PM.
      • She has not completed the assignment.
      • They had a wonderful time at the party.
    • To do:
      • I do my best in every work.
      • He does his chores without hassles.
      • Did you finish reading the newspaper?
    • Can you help me with this puzzle?
    • She could solve the riddle in minutes.
    • May I borrow your pencil?
    • He might join us for tea in the evening.
    • Shall we proceed with the trip?
    • Should I call you in the evening?
    • Will you attend the meeting today?
    • Would you like some more cake?
    • You must complete the assignment on time.

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