Amavasya Feb 2024 Date and Time – Significance and Religious Beliefs!

The auspicious festival of Amavasya will begin on 9th February 2024 means Friday and the timing for starting this event is 8:02 AM. The ending date of Amavasya tithi is 10th February 2024 and the time is 4:28 AM.

Amavasya Feb 2024 Date and Time

The Amavasya is an important occasion which is based on Hindu and is dedicated to honoring ancestors and predecessors. This Amavasya falls within a month of Magha which is characterized by the disappearance of the moon from the sky.

The date of the Amavasya is carried between 9th to 10th Feb 2024. On this day Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are worshipped by peoples. To commemorate Amavasya, devotees perform a series of rituals and maintain a Mauni Vrat.

Charity, donations and organizing pujas are considered to be meritorious. This is one of the time to seek serenity and tranquility within life and perform rituals for the Pitru Dosha.

Amavasya Feb 2024 Significance

Amavasya holds huge religious and spiritual significance among Hindus.

  • Amavasya is a day which is considered for practicing silence.
  • Devotees take a sankalp of silence on this day to attain spiritual upliftment.
  • Devotees observed Amavasya by taking a vow of silence for the entire day.
  • This day is also considered for taking a holy dip in sacred rivers especially in the river Ganga.
  • Astrologically Amavasya marks the conjunction of the sun and moon within the same sign of the zodiac.
  • This alignment is believed to intensify the spiritual energy and facilitate an opportunity for introspection, inner growth and meditation.   
  • Amavasya also holds importance as it marks the conclusion of the Paryushana Parva, an annual festival by Jains.
  • At the time of this festival Jains are engaged in prayers, reflection and spiritual practices to purify the soul and deepen their connection with Jain teachings.

Amavasya Feb Date and Time

Amavasya Feb 2024 Rituals

Some of the rituals which are followed by people in this day are given below –

Wake up early in the morning and then take a holy bath.

  • Those who are visiting holy places are required to take a bath in the river Ganga.
  • People first light through diya with Indian ghee dedicated to forefathers and ancestors.
  • On this occupational day, some devotees like to perform Pitru Puja and Pitru Tarpan.
  • It is the day where people perform hawan gayatri jaap and read Bhagavad Gita.
  • Some individuals dedicate time to Amavasya to read scary texts, scriptures, or spiritual literature as a means of gaining inspiration, knowledge, and spiritual guidance.

Amavasya Feb 2024 Religious Beliefs

In Hinduism and some other belief systems, Amavasya is a day dedicated to honoring and appeasing ancestors.

It is believed that on this day, the souls of departed ancestors are particularly receptive to offerings and prayers from their living descendants.

Amavasya is considered a time for spiritual introspection and renewal.

It is believed that the absence of the moon’s light on this day symbolizes darkness and ignorance, prompting individuals to reflect on their inner selves, overcome negativity, and strive for spiritual growth.

Devotees may engage in meditation, prayer, and self-discipline to enhance their spiritual practices. In Hinduism and Buddhism, Amavasya is associated with the concept of karma and liberation.

It is believed that performing virtuous deeds, such as charity, fasting, and spiritual practices, on Amavasya can help purify karma and lead to spiritual liberation (moksha) from the cycle of birth and death.

Astrologically, Amavasya marks the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon, signifying the beginning of a new lunar cycle.

This alignment is believed to have a profound impact on cosmic energies and earthly phenomena. Some people may consult astrologers or perform specific rituals to harness the positive energies of this celestial event for personal growth and well-being.  

The observance of Amavasya rituals in February 2024, like on any other new moon day, may vary based on regional customs, personal beliefs, and family traditions.

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