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Examples of Adverb of Degree and their use in Example Sentences  


Adverbs of degree are linguistic tools that provide essential information about the intensity, extent, or degree to which an action applies. These adverbs play a critical role in articulating the intensity of a condition or the extent of an action, contributing to the precision and clarity of our expressions. Whether conveying a strong emotion, emphasizing a particular quality, or indicating a relative level, adverbs of degree enhance the richness of language. Through the examples of adverbs of degree, we can explore how these words infuse nuance into our communication. The adverb of degree example sentences will give clarity and better understanding of the use of adverbs of degree in daily life. 

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List of Adverbs of Degree

  • Absolutely
  • Almost
  • Altogether
  • Completely
  • Entirely
  • Extremely
  • Fairly
  • Fully
  • Greatly
  • Hardly
  • Incredibly
  • Intensely
  • Just
  • Little
  • Nearly
  • Perfectly
  • Quite
  • Rather
  • Scarcely
  • Simply
  • So
  • Substantially
  • Totally
  • Utterly
  • Very
  • Too
  • Exceedingly
  • Remarkably
  • Exceptionally
  • Terribly
  • Tightly
  • Barely
  • Awfully
  • Significantly
  • Marginally
  • Kind of
  • More
  • Most
  • Less
  • Least
  • Only
  • Partially
  • Partly
  • Pretty
  • Fairly
  • Slightly
  • Somewhat
  • In part
  • In whole

Example Sentences of Adverbs of degree-

  • She was absolutely delighted with the surprise gift.
  • The movie was almost perfect, except for the abrupt ending.
  • After the after the weight loss, she looked altogether different.
  • The puzzle was completely solved by the enthusiastic youngster.
  • The team was entirely focused on winning the trophy.
  • The storm was extremely intense, causing widespread damage.
  • The cake was fairly delicious, but the icing could be improved.
  • The choir’s singing was fully in sync with the music.
  • His success was greatly attributed to his hard work and courage.
  • The news was hardly surprising; everyone expected it.
  • The view from the mountaintop was incredibly breathtaking.
  • The debate became intensely heated as it was a sensitive topic.
  • She was just a little nervous before her first public appearance.
  • The sun was a little more than a faint glow on the horizon.
  • They were nearly finished with the meal when the fire broke.
  • The task was perfectly executed, leaving no room for improvement.
  • The room was quite spacious, with high ceilings and large windows.
  • The hike was rather challenging, even for experienced climbers.
  • The village is scarcely populated.
  • The instructions were simply explained, making it easy to follow.
  • The coffee was so hot that he had to wait to take a sip.
  • The price of the antique vase was substantially higher than expected.
  • The experiment was totally successful, exceeding all expectations.
  • The play was utterly captivating, holding the audience’s attention.
  • The weather was very pleasant for an outdoor picnic.
  • The suitcase was too heavy for her to lift on her own.
  • The challenge was exceedingly difficult, testing their skills to the limit.
  • Her performance was remarkably good.
  • The athlete demonstrated exceptionally strong endurance in the race.
  • The accident site disturbed me terribly.
  • The knot was tightly secured to prevent it from opening.
  • They had barely enough time to catch the last train.
  • The villain in the movie was awfully weird.
  • There was a significantly noticeable improvement in her marks.
  • The victory in the election was marginally small.
  • The performance was kind of lackluster, not meeting expectations.
  • He was more interested in literature than in science.
  • She’s always been the most intelligent student in the class.
  • The room felt less crowded after some guests left.
  • The least he could do was offer an apology for the inconvenience.
  • They were the only ones who knew the secret hiding.
  • The project was only partially completed before the deadline.
  • The cake was partly eaten, with only a few slices remaining.
  • The idea was pretty intriguing, capturing everyone’s attention.
  • Her score was fairly good but she could improve.
  • The movie was slightly longer than anticipated.
  • The problem was somewhat complex, requiring careful analysis.
  • The decision was in part influenced by external factors.
  • The project was completed in whole, with no pending tasks.


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