Advantages and disadvantages of on-grid solar system, cost of its installation

Advantages and disadvantages of on-grid solar system, cost of its installation

In today’s post we are going to talk in detail. What is on grid solar system, what is its working, what are its benefits. And how many types are there? There are different types of on grid solar systems. About which we are going to talk in details. First of all understand its working.

On grid which is solar system. They run the appliance by mixing the incoming supply from your grid with the supply from the solar panel. Suppose there is a load of one kilo watt in your house. And you have installed one kilo watt panels on the roof.

We do not get full 1 kilo watt power from a 1 kilo watt panel, so in such a situation we assume. That we are getting 700 watts of power from solar panels. So the extra 300 watts required. It will take the supply of the grid and your panel together. Your one kilo watt load will suffice.

In such a situation, your electricity bill gets reduced. But these are its biggest limitations. That it does not work without a grid. If the grid supply to your house goes off, your on-grid solar system is of no use, so it can be installed at the same place.

Where there is electricity 24 hours a day. Because if electricity goes off at your place at any time. Yo you need an inverter again for backup. Requires batteries. So in such a situation, you should get it installed off-grid instead of on-grid because in that you get the option of backup.

You only have to install solar panels in it. So if there are lights in your house 24 hours. So you can install on grid solar system. Or apart from this, you can go towards off-grid or hybrid.

How many types of on grid are there

Now let’s talk. How many types are there? So generally you get to see three types of on-grid solar systems.

1. On Grid Solar System
2. AC Module
3. Hybrid Solar System

There is one. Which is the same normally on grid which we install. The second one happens. AC module which has just arrived in the market. I have made posts in detail about AC module. You can see that. Apart from this,

Hybrid: In Hybrid you get the features of both on-grid and off-grid. It is also a bit costly. Mostly this is why we install it on grid. We get some subsidy on top of this.

Cost of installing on-grid solar system

However, subsidy is not available in many places. So if you want to get it installed considering the subsidy. So don’t get it installed because the chances of getting subsidy are very less. If you want to reduce your electricity bill. This system can be installed now.

So here AC module and normal on grid are cheaper. It is normal on grid. Which have such modules. It is quite costly. A 1 kilo watt system is installed in your house for about 70 to 80 thousand rupees, which is the same as on-grid solar system.

It costs 50 to 60 thousand rupees. And it may cost less than this also. So if you compare the prices of both, you will see a lot of difference.

Benefits of on grid solar system

In Solar system with AC module, you can also buy a panel and get it installed in your house. Due to which your electricity bill gets reduced. Which is second on grid.

For that then you need net metering. You generate extra supply. So you go back to the grid and you also get benefit in this. So here both AC module and on grid have their own advantages.

Disadvantages of on grid solar system

You can use it only then. Apart from this, the biggest advantage of being on grid is that there is 24 hours electricity in your house. That in this you do not have any hassle of battery. Otherwise you know. That batteries get damaged very quickly.

Although it lasts for 2 to 3 years. Now there are some batteries. There are solar batteries. They also last for 5 to 6 years. So in such a situation, the cost of your battery will be the same even after 5 to 6 years. It seems again.

So in on grid system you do not have this headache. In off grid you need to change the battery. However, lithium batteries have just started arriving. Whose life is much longer than lead acid. But that cost is also based on the same.

Here they are at almost double the cost. Lithium battery: It is not right to install Lithium battery right now. So as soon as the price of lithium batteries decreases.

Then you get the benefit of applying it. So here we talked about it and the pricing, however the pricing is. They live separately. You have a 1 kilo watt on grid solar system. You can easily get it for 50 to 60 thousand rupees.

So similarly if you get 2 kilo watt installed. So you get it for approximately Rs 1 lakh. Although these are the costings. It may also be less in many places. And it may be more in many places. It will depend on where from and which brand of system you are purchasing.

If you have installed on grid solar system. At what price is it installed? You have received subsidies. Or not found. You can tell us this information by commenting below the post. Or you can ask. So that more people also get a chance to know about this thing.

If you still have any question or suggestion regarding this, then comment in the comment box below. If you liked the post, then share it with your friends. On Grid Solar System in Lucknow What is Hybrid Solar System. Off Grid Solar System Price Subsidy Solar System On Grid Solar System in Rajasthan

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