4kW Solar Panel Price in India with Subsidy 2024: Affordable 4KW Solar Panel Price in India with Subsidy 2024

4KW Solar Panel Price in India with Subsidy: Solar energy is a major green energy source providing electricity to residential and commercial sectors. Due to its high renewable potential, more and more consumers are turning to solar energy to reduce grid dependency and cut monthly electricity expenses. Government of India is providing subsidy support to encourage the use of solar system for people’s residential electricity requirement. India can avail the benefit of solar subsidy from small houses to big buildings and other areas of the country. The main objective of solar subsidy is to reduce the cost of solar panels for the residential sector across India. In such a situation if you guys solar panel If you are thinking of installing it in your homes then 4 kilowatt solar panel Could be a good option for you guys.

So let us tell you through this article 4KW Solar Panel Price in India We are providing related information in detail, so you guys read this article till the end.

4KW Solar Panel Price in India – Overview

Name of article 4KW Solar Panel Price in India With Subsidy
Article Type solar panel
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Objective 4 kilowatt solar panel Providing information with price subsidy.
beneficiary Indian consumers
solar panel capacity 4 kilowatt
price of 4 kilowatt solar panel According to brand and efficiency

Importance of solar energy in India. Importance of Solar Energy in India

  • sustainability and renewability: Unlike fossil fuels, which are finite, the sun is a continuous source of energy. This makes solar energy a sustainable and renewable energy source, ensuring that we do not have a shortage of it in the near future.
  • Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Solar panels produce electricity without emitting greenhouse gases. By transitioning to solar energy, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint, while combating the adverse effects of climate change.
  • Economic Benefits: The cost of solar panels has declined over the past few years, and the significant reduction in upfront costs has made solar power a more accessible option for many people. It allows individuals, businesses and communities around the world to reap the economic benefits of solar energy, including reduced electricity bills, lower maintenance costs, and participation in programs such as net metering and rebates. Furthermore, the solar industry has created jobs around the world, boosting economies and providing employment opportunities.
  • Energy Independence: Relying on solar energy reduces dependence on foreign oil and imported fossil fuels, thereby promoting energy security for nations. It also allows homeowners and businesses to reduce their dependence on the energy grid.

Types of Residential 4KW Solar System | Types of Residential 4kW Solar Systems

There are three types of residential 4KW solar systems –

  1. 4KW on-grid
  2. 4KW off-grid
  3. 4KW Hybrid.

Come, we are providing you brief information about them.

  1. 4KW On-Grid Solar System

On-grid solar system is also known as grid-tied solar system. It is connected to the power grid. The energy the solar system produces during the day is used to run the house, and its excess energy is fed into the grid.

Electricity is imported from the grid at night. A net meter is installed which monitors this electricity exchange. If you have used more electricity than your solar system produces, you will pay the discom for the units used.

If you have supplied units to the grid, the discom pays you.

2. 4KW Off-Grid Solar System

Off-grid solar systems are not connected to the power grid and rely entirely on self-generation of solar energy. These are independent systems that use battery storage to meet 24×7 household power requirements.

Batteries are a vital component of such systems, without which these systems cannot store electricity for use at night.

3.4KW Hybrid Solar System

hybrid solar system on-grid and is a fusion of the characteristics of off-grid systems. It is grid tied as well as equipped with battery storage systems.

Factors Affecting the Price of 4KW Solar Panels Factors Affecting the Price of 4KW Solar Panels

Following are the factors affecting the price of 4kW solar panels:-

  • types of solar panels:- The type of solar panel affects the price the most. If you guys choose high efficiency monocrystalline panel then its price will be higher whereas polycrystalline panel has lower price.
  • Inverter Quality:– Inverter is an important part of solar panel. It plays an important role in converting solar energy into electrical energy. If you choose a high efficiency inverter then its price may be higher.
  • Installation Complexity:-Installing solar panels is a significant task. Which greatly affects the price. Solar panels installed on the roof of the house are much cheaper than solar panels installed on the ground.
  • place:– Location also greatly affects the price of solar panels. The climate of the place where you live, sunlight, weather etc. affects the number of solar panels required to produce the highest energy and thus increasing the number of solar panels will also increase its price.
  • Government assistance:- In many states in India, various types of incentives and subsidies are provided by the government. That means government support can also affect the price of 4 kilowatt solar panel.
  • Warranty & Maintenance:- Higher efficiency solar panels cost more but come with a longer warranty. Which reduces long term maintenance costs.
  • Energy Requirement:– Your energy requirement also greatly affects the price of solar panels. A large solar system is required to meet your energy needs.

4KW Solar System Price in India Price of a 4kW Solar System in India

To provide relief from the electricity problem in India, the Government of India is working very fast to generate electricity from solar energy. The price of 4 kilo watt solar system in India depends on the type, brand, capacity of the solar panel. Your price will depend on the type of solar panel you choose.

If you choose solar panels manufactured from monocrystalline PV cells, the price of a 4kW solar panel will be higher, as this type of solar panels offer a higher efficiency of around 19 to 20%. Whereas polycrystalline solar panels are comparatively low cost, with an efficiency of around 16 to 17%. on-grid, off-grid And the specifications and prices of solar panels also vary with different brands and types of solar systems chosen between hybrids.

4 KW solar system with battery price | 4kW Solar System With Battery Price

The price of 4kW solar system depends on the quality and brand along with the battery. Maximum 150Ah battery is used in a 4 kilowatt solar panel system. Because fans, coolers, lights etc. run in most of the houses. So a simple battery backup is required in this situation. If you people need more battery backup then 200 Ah battery should be taken. The price of 4 kilo watt solar system with 150Ah (15000×4=60,000) battery can range from around Rs 275000 to Rs 3010000.

Working of 4 Kilowatt Solar Panels 4KW Solar Panels Working

Solar photovoltaic technology is used in panels to generate electricity. Regardless of the size and type of your 3kW solar panel or the nature of your solar power system, electricity is generated through the same photovoltaic effect.

When photons from sunlight come in contact with the PV module, the solar cells attached together absorb these photons. This creates a flow of energy or direct current, and a solar inverter is required to convert it into usable alternating current (AC) energy. This converted energy powers your home or office.

4 Kilowatt Solar System Facts and Benefits | 4KW Solar System Facts & Benefits

  • Energy Production:– How many units of electricity are produced by a 4 kilowatt solar system is an important fact. The average power generation capacity from a 4 kilo watt solar panel is 16 units per day. Therefore you can expect that this solar system can produce 480 units of electricity in a month and 5760 units in a year.
  • Required fields:- Installing a 4 kW solar system requires a large amount of rooftop space.
  • Warranty:- Your 4kW solar panels will have a 25 year performance warranty, while other critical solar components will have a 5-10 year product warranty depending on their brand.
  • Subsidy:– If you search for 4kW solar panel prices with subsidy in India, it is important to note that solar subsidy is only applicable to solar systems regulated under net metering. Off-grid solar systems are not eligible for government subsidies.

Following are the advantages of 4 kilowatt solar system:-

  • By using 4 kilowatt solar system electricity bills You can get relief from the problem because this solar panel system produces electricity from sunlight. This provides us with a great deal of relief from the traditional monthly electricity bill.
  • Using solar panel system keeps the environment clean and does not cause any kind of pollution in the environment.
  • A solar panel system is a long-term investment. That is, by installing a solar system once by investing money, you can take advantage of the electricity generated by it for at least 25 years.
  • By using solar panel system its maintenance cost is quite low. Because the solar panel system is quite strong.
  • Subsidy is provided by the Government of India and State Government for using solar panel system.
  • Dependence on conventional electricity is reduced.

4 KW Solar System Installation Cost in India 4KW Solar System Installation Cost in India

4 kilowatt solar system installation cost in India may vary depending on capacity and size, efficiency, location. Also, your choice of mounting system affects the price of your 5kW solar system. Therefore, contact an expert solar installer to successfully install a 4kW solar system on your rooftop. You will find many options in the market. You will find various types of solar related showrooms or shops where you can go and get information about the cost of installing a 4 kilo watt solar system. The cost of installing a solar system varies according to states in India. 4 KW and installation cost of the system can range from Rs 1,50,000 to Rs 2,05,000.

Subsidy for 4KW Solar Panel in India Subsidy for 4KW Solar Panels in India

Let us now discuss the subsidy available for 4 kW solar system. You should note that the benefit of government subsidy on residential solar panel installation makes solar energy for home quite affordable and beneficial. Depending on the size and type of your solar system you can determine your eligibility for solar subsidy and the price of a 4kW panel in India with subsidy.

For solar systems between 3 kW to 10 kW range, homeowners get 40% subsidy/kWh for the first 3 kW. And for the remaining (up to 10 kW), they get 20% subsidy on L1 rate per kW.

Note that the subsidy is available only for on-grid domestic establishments (home owners and housing societies).


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Q. How much power does a 4KW solar panel system generate?

Ans. A 4 kW solar panel system produces approximately 16 kW of electricity every day under standard conditions. This means the monthly production will be around 480 units.

Q. Are government subsidies available to support the investment cost for a 4kW solar panel?

Ans. Yes, there are government subsidy schemes available in the form of financial assistance to reduce the cost of investment.

Q.What is the price range of 4kW solar panel in India?

Ans.The price of different 4KW solar panels varies depending on factors like brand, model, type of solar panel, capacity etc. In India, the price of 4 KW solar panel ranges from Rs 1,80,000 to Rs 1,80,000. 2,80,000. Keep in mind that this 4kW solar panel price range does not include subsidy amount.

Q. How many years warranty is available on 4 kilowatt solar panel?

Ans. Warranty of 4 kilo watt solar panel depends on the brand. Different brands provide different warranty but generally 25 years warranty is provided.

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