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1 Hp Solar Water Pump Price in India

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The need for electricity has become a necessity in today’s time; most devices are operated through electricity, and with the increasing demands for electricity, the electricity bill also rises rapidly. To alleviate the burden of electricity bills, solar panels can be used. Solar panels produce electricity through an environmentally friendly process without polluting the environment. Solar panels convert solar energy obtained from the sun into electrical energy. Find out the price of a 1 HP solar water pump here.

In the field of agriculture, water pumps powered by biomass fuel are used for irrigation. Operating such pumps causes heavy pollution, and due to the increasing rates of biomass fuel, farmers also incur financial losses. On the other hand, using grid electricity-operated water pumps results in higher electricity bills. To address electricity-related issues and to engage in environmentally friendly practices, solar water pumps can be used. They help in modernizing agriculture and developing it further.

Types of Solar water pump

In today’s market, there are various types of solar water pumps available, utilizing many advanced technologies. Consumers can choose a solar water pump according to their needs and budget. Solar water pumps operate using AC and DC, and their usage varies accordingly. The main factors determining their price are the brand, capacity, and type of solar pump. Solar panels come in two main types:

AC Submersible Pump – These pumps are commonly used in deeper locations and are proficient water pumps. They require less maintenance. If made with stator coil winding aluminum, they may require more maintenance. AC submersible pumps are more reliable.

DC Submersible Pump – These pumps are typically used in shallower locations and have fewer electrical components compared to AC submersible pumps. Therefore, they are less prone to breakdowns. When the weather is clear, these types of solar water pumps can perform better than AC submersible pumps.

1 Hp Solar Water Pump Price in India

The capacity of a solar water pump is measured in horse power (HP), and the price of a solar water pump varies depending on several factors. The cost of solar panels and VFD drives used in a solar water pump system also varies. Typically, the price of a standard 1 HP solar water pump ranges from Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 8,000. Electricity is generated in DC form by solar panels, so if the solar pump operates through AC, an inverter is also installed in the system, which costs around Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 9,000.

The price of 1 kW capacity polycrystalline solar panels is approximately Rs. 30,000. Solar panels are the most important component of any solar device, as they generate electricity. Therefore, the total cost of installing a 1 HP solar water pump is around Rs. 50,000. Installation charges are not included in this total cost, as they may vary depending on the location. Approximately 60% subsidy is provided for installing solar pumps.


Investing in solar waterpump is known as a smart investment. If you want to install a solar water pump at a low cost, you can apply for the PM KUSUM scheme by the central government. Once a solar system is properly installed, its benefits can be enjoyed for a long time. It is through increased use of solar equipment that the vision of a green future can be realized, as solar.

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